Dental Cloud Launches Free Practice Tariff

    Dental Cloud company announced the launch of a new free tariff "Practice". The tariff will be focused on dentists who conduct independent treatment practices - rent a chair in the clinic or teach and practice at the same time.

    Until today, the tariff policy of the company has been built on the principle of organic growth of the dentistry business - the Cabinet and Clinic tariffs focused on “adult business” were announced in the line.

    Functional differences in the existing proposals in the possibility consist in the organization of joint work of dentists on the treatment process at a higher rate. Those. users of lower tariffs have never been discriminated against by the lack of the necessary functionality.

    The same principle was retained when developing the new free Practice tariff, emphasized in Dental Cloud. The tariff was developed on the basis of the company's research - the average number of patients by specialists working independently was determined and the tariff Practice will be limited by the number of patients in the database without limitations in capabilities. Thus, each dentist will be able to fully automate their private practice, and most importantly, it will be free.

    “In fact, the segment of potential tariff users Practice has never thought about the need to automate their work. Firstly, before the development of SaaS, it was expensive and inaccessible, and secondly, on the Russian local market there were no offers from developers to automate dentistry for free. Dental Cloud became the first player to form a free cloud offer for dental automation, ”said Yaroslav Osetrov, CEO of Dental Cloud.

    Dental Cloud is a new player in dentistry automation, but despite this, it actively supports the market - the company has an affiliate program for working with universities, under which universities receive big discounts when the service is included in the training plan. In collaboration with the Young Dentists Associationthe company distributes grants for the use of its service among young professionals who have started their business.

    Dental Cloud is an online service that helps to effectively organize the work of dental offices, clinics and branches, automates the treatment processes, simplifies communication and liaising with patients. Dental Cloud was established in 2014 and operates in the CIS countries, Europe, North America.

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