Ready-made solutions store


    How to reduce the cost of your services without losing quality? We are sure that with this question clients turn not only to lawyers. The answer lies on the surface: standardization of the processes and the proposed documentation, the creation of convenient products on their basis are necessary.

    Over 7 years of work in the market of legal services for IT companies, we have accumulated solutions rolled back on many similar projects. We took them as a basis and developed various models or documentation packages that do not require significant costs for customization.

    As a result, a Ready-made Solutions Store was created , which is offered to your attention.

    What are the benefits of using integrated products for clients and lawyers, see under the cut.

    1. The store is not a designer.In the constructor, the user is invited to make an independent choice and modify the template.

    The disadvantages are:
    a) the choice is always limited to 2-3 options;
    b) there are additional gaps that need to be filled in independently;
    c) a simple choice assumes the existence of sufficient competence in the matter, not to mention the filling of the missing conditions.

    With the same success, you can study the law, download a document fish on the Internet, and personally process it into the desired option.

    In the Store, an order is executed by a lawyer based on tried and tested solutions. The document is not developed from scratch, but it is customized to the specific requirements of the customer. The choice of a document and combination of conditions is transferred from the customer to the specialist.

    As a result, the client can be sure that he has received a document suitable to his situation.

    2. The store is not a compilation. Document templates can be found in legal systems. Basically, these patterns relate to general intellectual property issues. For example, a license agreement under a non-exclusive license or the same, but under an exclusive license. That's all the differences.

    High variability of software development and distribution conditions in available templates is not taken into account. The customer again faces a choice. He needs 1) to decide which contract suits his situation and 2) independently process it under the terms of a particular case.

    As a result, an unusable form may be chosen or a mistake may be made at the stage of its filling or processing. For example, in most cases, the difference between the contract of authorship and the contract for the development of software is not seen. The subject is the same, but the legal consequences are opposite. Under a contract with a freelancer, the rights to the results of intellectual activity are not transferred to the customer by law. Software licensing is even more difficult, because The description of how to use the software, which is given in the law in the most general form, is essential.

    Choosing the right template is half the battle; it still needs to be finalized to the desired condition. Templates for all occasions simply do not exist either in collections or in a law firm.

    The Store offers a solution that takes into account all the necessary introductory items: subject, parties, interaction order, result, cost and settlement procedure, etc. The client does not need to study dozens of options for templates and make the right combination from them, a professional will do it for him.

    3. The store is not an archive. On the Internet there are a huge number of files with documents for all occasions. Authors of documents are generally not known. Relevance is not verified. The conditions apply to a particular case. Therefore, to the need for independent choice, as in the designer’s service, the listed disadvantages are added. You need to have high competence in the matter in order to risk using the document you have.

    The Store offers a solution that is consistent with current law and practice. The terms of the document are adapted to the requirements of a particular customer. The company is responsible for the result.

    As a result, the client may be calm that the document has not lost its relevance and is fully suited to his situation.

    4. The store is not a service. When developing a contract from scratch, it is difficult to estimate the amount of time spent. This fact directly affects the price. The client can also overpay for the processing of an existing contract on another case.

    Work on the basis of a standardized solution allows you to avoid errors in the assessment and offer the best solution for a lower price. At the same time, the finished product includes the necessary services for studying the client’s case, adapting documents and consulting on their application.

    It is a pity that many solutions continue to be unique. However, we will work on updating the database of documents for the Store.

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