MailCon: We had the largest email marketing conference in the country! (how it was)

    The sense of celebration and awareness of the high level of the event appeared at once somehow, and it was not about delicious cakes and coffee (although the cakes really were very much), but just something like this was in the air. Probably the secret is that only those who understand what email marketing is and why business needs it have gathered at MailCon in Yekaterinburg . This is the case when it would be problematic to name the best report, because the best ones were gathered here. So - a short report in order for those who missed the conference. Write in the comments about what it would be interesting to know in more detail - we will write in more detail!

    Daniil Silantyev (Inbox Marketing) with his inherent humor spoke about why you need to follow your competitors about the Email-Competitors project, and about the typical mistakes of an email marketer.

    Fine from Daniel: "Open rate is a spherical horse in a vacuum."

    Oleg Basha (GetResponse) built an email marketing strategy, decomposing into 7 main steps: preparation - auto-series - campaigns - collecting a database - segmentation - Big Data. A lot of useful things, cases, great slides.
    In general, I think that a true pro is distinguished by the ability to come to his favorite work with humor, and this ability was demonstrated by all MailSon speakers, which made it possible to perceive a huge amount of information and not get tired.

    Excellent from Oleg: “Correctly selected sending time doubles the Open rate.”

    The report of Dmitry Pivovarov (E96) was called "Email Marketing for 400 Million." and was devoted to the features of working with large databases: which types of mailings are the most conversion ones and whether it is necessary to build a chain of letters. A lot of insights from personal experience, and, by the way, the headline is not about how much it cost the company to introduce email marketing, but how much it brought.

    Fine from Dmitry: “We ourselves did not expect email marketing to work so well.”

    The topic of working with large databases was continued by Andrei Sas (Badoo), noting that the importance of email marketing is often underestimated, and even with minor subscribers, even minor improvements give very great results. Andrey advised the management of the companies to strictly control the mailings, even if they are not about sales and to hire their programmers specifically to work on the mailings. A separate discussion was about push notifications as an important channel for communication with customers.

    Fine: "Delivery of letters should (guaranteed) take seconds, no more."

    It would be difficult to name the best, but I’ll take the worst. The first part of the report from was uninformative, the speaker obviously didn’t take into account that not newcomers gathered in the hall, and they don’t need to retell the FAQ and even with the tone “you are all the spammers”. What’s the report, with such a position in relation to customers, you can’t work in support at all. The second part of the report was more interesting, Alexander talked about how spam is determined, why affiliate programs are dangerous, and why you can’t assume that your subscriber is forever.

    He told me about the case, interestingly, but on the whole, "the sediment remained." Fine from Alexander: “The user is always right, even if he clicked“ Into spam! ” by mistake".

    Leonid Nikolaev (Get-N-Post) focused on delivering emails. One way or another, almost all the speakers touched on this topic, because this is one of the main problems - how to make sure that letters are always delivered, quickly, do not fall into spam and how to check your subscriber database for validity. There are a lot of technical issues, but again it’s understandable with humor, but where to get away from technical things - we are IT, indeed ...
    Leonid continued his story at the master class the next day, who didn’t come - bite your elbows, it was very useful.

    Excellent from Leonid: "5% of subscribers give 90% of the profit."

    Miraculously, Yulia Savitskaya (Mailigen), who managed to fly a plane to Yekaterinburg, built a report around the email marketing strategy in terms of saving time and money. If you do not have a strategy, then all efforts are in vain, and the strategy should be unique, sending everything to everyone is an anti-strategy, according to Yulia. There were many life hacks and emotional examples (one of personal practice with erotic overtones) and, of course, cat slides!

    Fine from Julia: “Pop-up - hate, but use!”

    Vladimir Ilyin ( / EmailSoldiers) talked about segmentation and what real personalization is, about where and how to collect personal user data and how to segment subscribers by activity. The listeners thought ...

    Fine from Vladimir: "If you do not have 20 segments, then you do not segment."

    Alexander Lynx (SendPulse) shared observations on the role of content, why and when it is needed, whether it is necessary to use buttons in the letter, what and why it is better to write in the “from” column, which is important to consider when creating a preheader. The beautiful thing from Alexander: “If you are so sure that you are genius, you can, of course, write“ canvases ”(large texts in the newsletters) ... And let you be lucky ...”

    Dmitry Kudrenko (eSputnik) just blew up the hall! He began by saying that everything that the speakers and, in particular, the organizers of this conference say is complete garbage and email marketing does not exist. A strong bid to win!
    But Dmitry knew what he was doing. 105 presentation slides is an incredible amount of useful, I would call it “email marketing through the prism of common sense”, although common sense was the main thing in all the reports, but Dmitri was somehow especially emphasized. Best Practices is just the beginning, the pros can act not according to the rules, if they understand how everything works and keeps the goal in mind ...

    Dmitry generously shared his experience on coffee breaks (in the photo) and at the master class the next day. Fine: "A bad experiment will show which option is better, and a good one - why it is better."

    Ivan Shkirya told the story of his email marketing company Callibri, telling how it started for them and where it came to. Mega-interesting trigger mailing list solutions. Vanya draws the pictures himself, and if the monkeys don’t say anything to anyone, he’s probably some kind of incorrect email marketer.

    Fine: "At some point, I realized that I was doing more mailings for myself."

    Roman Fadeev (Legal Jazz) explained the threat to email marketing law on personal data. The novel kept the audience in some tension, creating an intrigue that allowed a brilliant conclusion that there are no special threats, if you look. If. Fine: "You should have a server in Russia with a sticky note" Personal data "in Russia."

    The title of this article is a quote from the post of one of the MailCon organizers Daniil Silantyev on Facebook . Yes, they did, yes, almost without jambs, everyone is happy, there is a lot of information to comprehend. In general, almost everything was thought out, so, in the distributor’s code, there was a promotional code for access to the Email-Competitors mailing list (don’t forget now!), A pen and a notebook, on the first page of which the conference program was printed - that’s a trifle, but how convenient !

    There were probably three downsides to the organization, but two of them - rather, to the chosen site - Palladium. The first and important - there were not enough outlets, I had to look for them first, and then - a compromise with others who wanted to feed their gadgets. It is good that everyone was polite and helpful and there were no casualties or destruction.
    The second important minus is the poor microphone performance in the beginning. Daniel was able to pump the hall with his voice, but not everyone has developed such a volume level ... And the third minus is not always the exact observance of the timing of the event. I don’t know why, because of reverence or for some other reason, but the report from, which already took more time than others, was not interrupted on time, and as a result, after lunch I had to accelerate and there was less time for questions to other speakers.

    And when time was already over, the speakers and organizers went to a bar, and there ... (no, not at all what you thought about Friday night!) We discussed email marketing topics for a long time, delving into details and subtleties ...
    To continue the conversation on Saturday at the master class, which was going full time, and this day seemed to everyone not enough.

    In the photo - from left to right: Dmitry Bannykh (Email-Competitors, inbox Marketing), Julia Savitskaya, Leonid Nikolaev, Dmitry Kudrenko, Daniil Silantyev (inbox Marketing).

    Presentations of the MailCon conference are available through the links in the program .
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    * The largest conference - according to participants and speakers.

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