Team evenings or team building at home

    Team building or team building is a term commonly used in the context of a business and applied to a wide range of actions to create and increase the effectiveness of a team. Material from Wikipedia.

    On Lurka there is a negative, however, more truthful definition. Indeed, modern team building is mainly used to organize a crowd, which, in turn, does not want to organize.

    What are the implications? The consequences are devastating.
    Instead of uniting the team with a common idea, there is a union with a common hatred of the event. As a result, the team remains fragmented during work and works smoothly when this “T # @ # $% NG” begins. There is no increase in efficiency. This method only works in the case of the sale of vacuum cleaners at home. There is a zombie of sellers for the subsequent zombie of buyers. A kind of zombie apocalypse, but instead of shotguns - vacuum cleaners.

    How vacuum cleaners are sold
    In the morning, sellers are taken by bus to the place. Cheerful music plays throughout the trip. To this added team chants, to raise the morale of the seller (food). In this way, the coordinators charge the crowd for the sale of the secret "* irbi." Further, upon arrival, “zombies” drop out of transport and, in the literal sense, scatter into houses / apartments / cottages. And they infect everyone in their path. Yes, of course, the goal has been achieved - sales are underway, the "runners" are optimistic, buyers are struggling to fight back. From the point of view of the leader of this gang - everything is gorgeous. But the "runners" do not think, do not solve problems, they, in addition to running and playing back the text recorded in the brain, do nothing. Here he is - teambuilding in all its glory.

    In a team that must create, invent, create, etc. such methods do not work, you can only destroy all potential and ruin even existing projects. Each member of the creative team, whether it is a developer, designer, advertiser, or architect, is unique. Each team member ponders, worries, or revitalizes an idea. It is very important to create the right atmosphere for creating a “farm of ideas”.

    How are ideas born? Of course, the birth of thought is an intimate moment. We will not talk about the work of the brain or the influence of the soul - no. We will talk about the conditions surrounding us that contribute to the emergence of unique (and not so) solutions.

    * KEA - the evolution of the furniture market. It's simple - Ingvar Kamprad could not put a table in his car and removed the legs from it. Voila! There is an idea - there is * kea!

    It is important to create the "ground" on which the project will grow. The idea of ​​creating Ridewithme came to us just like that.

    Once, during the icy winter season, I left the house - but there was nobody to go with. Quote from our Developer story at

    All ideas in your team should be discussed over tea with cookies or something else. It is at these moments that you are not burdened with stress due to the deadline, buggy xCode updates, long rendering of the picture and other working moments. Your head is free to receive new thoughts. Listen to everyone, think over the thought even if it is idiotic. Why? - you ask. Because, perhaps, there is development in this thought, perhaps by discussing this very idea you can make the perfect decision. Yes, this method is fundamentally different from charging the entire office or corporate party, but it is precisely this method that allows all the creativity inside you to go outside. This can be called a brainstorming session taking place in a comfortable environment.

    Brainstorming is an operational method of solving a problem based on stimulating creative activity, in which discussion participants are invited to express as many possible solutions as possible, including the most fantastic ones. Material from Wikipedia.

    There are also nuances here, the brain storm in our team is a very broad concept. If in large companies one separate department takes part in a brainstorming session, then of course we do not have this. Firstly, we do not have a department. Secondly, the department often works on one specific task, and no matter how many parts this task consists of, the goal is one: to promote, develop, assemble, disassemble, etc. Since everyone has one goal, the department is gradually synchronized and everyone begins to think the same way, and the meaning of the brain storm is lost. One person from this department is equally able to urgently come to a decision. Solution Found - Good! Is this a rational decision? Time will tell. Both friends and relatives participate in our battles - anyone can offer their vision. Of course, grandmother will not be able to advise how to raise a fallen server,

    At the end of the article, I would like to note that these techniques work for us. Perhaps in your team you decide to use something of your own - special, suitable for your designer Petya and programmer Sasha. And it will be great! Because this is how team formation takes place, each of you is unique! And you don’t need to fool everyone with barbecue and choral singing.

    You can see all the results of brain storms in terms of design in this article.
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