The most powerful person on the planet Vasily Virastyuk gave an interview for the freelance platform Polyglot. Tales of Languages ​​(Issue 4)

    Talking about your startup with the “languages” of famous and popular people, you can also hear from them useful thoughts for the project.

    On October 6, an online service blog for language professionals published an interview with Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, holder of the title “The Strongest Man in the World” and multiple world champion in power all-around, who told the freelance platform about the role of foreign languages ​​in his life, his career as an athlete and the actor, about how he teaches his sons to sports and languages, as well as about curious cases related to the language barrier.

    The interview was released as part of the PR campaign of the online platform Polyglot - a series of interviews with famous personalities called Stories with Languages, in which celebrities talk about the role foreign languages ​​play in their personal lives, how language skills help in their careers and simply share their, sometimes unusual, “stories with languages”. According to the founder of the platform, Andrei Prudko , the goal of the campaign is to popularize the study of foreign languages ​​and the service itself. This is the fourth interview that the freelancers service takes as part of its PR campaign. Earlier, as part of the cycle, the Polyglot team spoke with American singer Stereolizza , Spanish electronic music performer Zhanna Ona and Russian actress Marina Dubkova . Video interview conducted via Skypeand was published along with the full text version of the blog on the platform website for freelance linguists. Thus, a PR campaign with famous people is paying off.

    “In general, besides the Russian and Ukrainian languages, I know a little English and Polish, I can understand what is at stake. But, unfortunately, English was not given to me at school. Although it can be said that I simply did not pay enough attention to him, because I thought: why should I, a resident of Ivano-Frankivsk, even need him. And when I started to go to competitions, I realized the opposite, and regretted that I did not teach him. A sufficient number of athletes were from the former Soviet Union - the Baltic countries, Russia, Ukraine - so we all could communicate using the Russian language and had no problems communicating ”- says world champion Vasily Virastyuk .

    Virastyuk Vasily Yaroslavovich was born on April 22, 1974 in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. From the age of 10 he began to engage in athletics, at age 21 he became a master of sports, and at age 24 he became a master of sports of international class. In 2004 he was awarded the title of the strongest man on the planet and set records in the “Book of Records of Ukraine” . He starred in four films since 2009.

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