LinkedIn helps find second Eric Schmidt, Warren Buffett or Oprah Winfrey

    Photo: Paul Sakuma / AP

    Social network for professionals LinkedIn launches a new service that allows the employer to find an employee based on a number of criteria provided by the employer. In other words, the service will help to find a named employee who is needed by a particular company, Vedomosti writes . Everything works quite simply - to search for a person with a certain mentality and abilities, you need to choose his prototype, pointing to the profile of another person.

    “In search of people whose characteristics correspond to a real employee, the service analyzes the job function, location, skills and education of the original person to build a search chain and highlight a summary of similar professionals,” says Eddie Vivas, head of LinkedIn talent recruitment.

    If an employee with a certain set of characteristics is not found, then the social network can develop a profile with the desired description and suggest in which region it is worth looking for a person with the necessary set of skills.

    Interestingly, when hiring an employee on a recommendation, he works in the company longer than employees hired through job advertisements or career sites. According to the company Deloitte, about 46% of employees hired on the recommendation of employees work in a new place for more than a year. And among employees hired using advertisements or other methods, 22 and 33% of employees have been working for more than a year. For three years, 42% of recommended employees remain in the company, 14% - found through advertisements and 32% - hired through career sites.

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