VKarmane and Renaissance Insurance Partnership


    It happened! In the new version of VKarman 2.6 for iOS, all car owners can apply for Casco insurance policies. The registration process takes no more than a minute, you get the preliminary cost of the policy and then a specialist contacts you to discuss the delivery of your new insurance. No queues and loss of time. This is made possible through our partnership with Renaissance Insurance.

    All this time we have been developing VKarmane as a convenient and safe storage of documents. But we plan to make a big breakthrough and significantly increase the value of VKarmane for our users, working not only on improving the storage of documents, but also connecting the services behind each individual document. Indeed, in the era of rapid development of technology, documents, in the form in which we are used to seeing them, are still a relic of the past. A person should not bother with whether the validity of his passport, visa, insurance, as well as follow the documents of his entire family. It’s easy to overlook all these little things, and the consequences can be sad.


    VKarmane’s service has learned to track the validity period of documents and notify about it in advance so that the user can take timely replacement measures. But now you do not have to get up from the couch to extend or arrange a new auto insurance. Through a partnership with Renaissance Insurance, you can buy a new Casco policy as easy as installing a new application from the App Store.


    Casco policies are launched in test mode and are currently available for residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

    In the near future, we will expand the possibilities of our partnership with the Renaissance insurance company and add to the application VKarmane services for compulsory motor third-party liability insurance policy, life insurance, travel insurance and others.

    Technology brings convenience to our lives, saves our time and effort, but the changes have little to do with the scope of personal documents. With VKarmane, we plan to improve the way people work with important documents. The future begins here and now.

    VKarmane - all documents are always at hand!

    VKarmane website: http://vkarmane.me

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