Work with clients: from online to offline

    How many articles have you come across on how to search and work with clients on the Internet? Each company gives its own practical advice and tips, which for the most part come down to sending personal messages to each client or ringing with a reminder of themselves. How such methods can be effective, given that the client is likely to receive a bunch of messages from different companies every month. Your message may simply be ignored at best, or, at worst, you will be blacklisted.

    It is necessary to work with clients offline. How to do this, we will describe further.


    Professional theme events organized by small companies in order to increase brand awareness and conquer the local market are gaining more and more popularity.

    Each company, even the smallest one, can easily recruit 10 - 15 people for their first professional events. To do this, simply use your customer base and pages on social networks. Moreover, you can ask partners to invite their clients to your meeting. You can say with confidence that they will agree to help you in exchange for a small mention of them at your event.

    When the guests gather, spend about half an hour talking with them, anyway, some will be late. You do not need to cost yourself a highly qualified inaccessible professional, try to talk with clients as with "children." Imagine yourself in their place: they came to you to gain new knowledge and, perhaps, do not quite understand the subtleties of your business. Be as friendly as possible, ask what they do, exchange business cards - all this will help you build strong relationships with potential customers.

    Do not doubt that after people personally get acquainted with the specialists of your company, they are more likely to start working with you further.

    Holding at least 1-2 events a month, you can significantly improve the company's reputation in the local market and find new customers.

    Here are a few tips to make your events less “bland":

    - Invite a distinguished speaker . This may be an expert in some field, who writes articles and participates in conferences or a representative of a better-known company. In any case, this will attract the attention of potential guests.

    - Melt the ice. Let your guests feel that they are truly welcome at your event. Do not be afraid to introduce guests to each other. It is easier for people to be in the same room if there are many friends.

    - Offer guests drinks and snacks.A cup of tea or coffee with small toasts will be most welcome at such events. At more informal events, where there will be many young participants, you can offer beer or wine with pizza. Such meetings will not only be remembered, but will also be desired in the future.

    - Do not make yourself the center of attention. More precisely, talk not only about yourself and your business. People won't want to waste their time listening to how cool you are. They will come to you to meet the same people as themselves: with the same interests and problems. Give everyone a chance to speak and become the center of attention. Let people be heard.

    - Post photos from the event.There is no better way to show how interesting your meetings are, how to post several photos on social networks and blogs. Some users will want to share them on their pages, which will give you additional advertising. It will also show new potential guests that you have fun!

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    The main idea of ​​creating and organizing your own group of meetings is for your clients to get to know you personally.
    Instead of an afterword, we would like to say that the OneMarkt team opened a parallel project called JavGruppe. This is the place to create your own Event Community. You open your Group, describe what you do and create events. After that you can talk about your Group of meetings in social networks and blogs, attracting new participants.

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