Coercion to click: how to create a good ad

    On our Realweb blog, we talked about how to generate a lot of the right keywords and what types of advertising tools are available in the modern market. But behind the scenes the main thing remained - what should be the advertisement in order to interest the buyer, encourage him to click and go to the site, and even with a low bounce rate. Our experience shows that advertisers are often carried away and compete more in copywriting skills than in satisfying a user's request. Therefore, today we will tell you how to deal with imagination for the benefit of quality advertising. Namely, how to create a good, working, advertisement.

    It is unlikely that you can find an advertiser or a marketer who has not sighed over the value of CTR (click-through rate), which is defined as the ratio of the number of clicks on an advertisement to the number of impressions and is measured as a percentage. In general, the higher the CTR, the more successful the ad and the more it meets the user's expectations. There are several surefire ways to raise the CTR.

    Short texts of contextual ads are a great temptation to use maximum imagination to create text. Often this plays a trick on advertisers - an irrelevant ad is produced that does not meet user requests, and sometimes keywords. This is doubly disadvantageous because such an ad increases the price of a click. For example, a company sells soft toys and wants to show the keywords "soft toys" and "buy soft toys." The advertising manager creates the first ad.

    It seems to be relevant to the topic, contains a nice text and quite creative. However, the cost of a click does not suit the advertiser at all. The manager does a few more iterations and creates announcements,thinking not about the level of creativity, but about CTR - an indicator of the clickability of an advertisement.

    As you can see, due to the correct organization of the ad text, it was possible to reduce the click price by 2-3 times. For this, common tricks were used.

    • Mentioning a keyword in the headline and ad text. At the same time, despite the fact that Yandex speaks and understands Russian very well, it is best to take into account the morphology of the word. Well, in poorly-spoken Russian Google morphology should be taken into account and even more so.

    • Indication of the price (the price range indicator, percentage discounts and the end dates of the offer / offer also have a similar effect).

    These two simple tricks will save considerable money and increase the click-through rate of ads, because, firstly, these ads will appear in higher positions, and secondly, they contain information useful to the user.

    The next way to increase clickability is to select keywords that are most similar to search queries. To do this, using various tools ( Wordstat , Google Keyword Tools in AdWords) you need to select medium- and low-frequency words according to your requests and generate ads based on them. If your topic is very widespread, look at what search engines give out in the first words - this information generally reflects requests.

    It is not superfluous to see a hint under the search results - from it you can get additional ideas for a pool of keywords.

    If you have two similar keywords, but don’t know which one is used more often, you can turn to another popular free tool - Google Trends . This service allows you to select the period of interest (since 2004), the country, the Google search service and, on the basis of this, find out what was more popular among users when there are peaks of interest and what forecast of popularity is expected. For example, like that.

    After you have typed enough keywords and started generating ads based on the semantic core of your advertising campaign, you can use several more ways to increase your clickthrough rate.

    Use words that attract the attention of customers and motivate them to buy: discount, sale, reduced price, only until, only in May, your personal discount . Remember that among these words there may be words that can visually discount your offer: coupon, cheap, free, grab, freebie . When choosing motivation, you need to remember both your target audience and the product profile: luxury brands require only one word, and a favorable phone tariff for students - completely different.

    Create a unique selling proposition , even if you don’t have one. To do this, you must add the attributes of the extended offer in the announcement: 1 year guarantee, we will return the money, a set of rubber as a gift, etc.Such words do not depreciate a sentence, but rather give an additional value burden and distinguish an ad from a competitor's proposals.

    Remember geography. There are two aspects to talk about. Geo-targeting - create ad groups for different regions, if you are represented in them. The point is not so much that the bids on the same keyword in Moscow and the regions can differ significantly. The fact is that the mention of regional features will increase clickability. For example, you sell inflatable boats in Saratov, Moscow and Penza. Accordingly, you can create an ad "Inflatable boats in / region /. Inflatable boats for lovers to relax on / the name of the river depending on the region: Volga, Moscow River, Sura /. "Here the second aspect just appears - the user sees a familiar name that matches his interest and is more likely to click on an ad to the advertiser's website.

    Brand keywords. It is widely believed that branded keywords exist only for those whose brand is heard. This statement is not entirely true, so you may have a regional brand or an industry brand that is known to your potential client but unknown to the whole Runet. Use the company name or product name to bring to the site exactly those who are interested in you. An additional advantage of this approach is detuning from a competitor by directly pointing to the advertiser.

    Create ads with the maximum set of extensions:in Yandex.Direct, these are additional links, address and phone number, working hours, images in ads for YAN; in Google AdWords, these are sitelinks, add-ons (main words through dot-splitting), social extensions and reviews for large companies, and a telephone. Among these additions, the most valuable are additional links in which you can directly indicate the necessary sections of the site (price, reviews, promotion). This is what an ad on Google might look like.

    However, in this form, ads are shown only in the first position.

    Use negative keywords. They will allow you to limit impressions for irrelevant requests and avoid empty clicks. By negative keywords can be attributed as universal ( abstract, course, dissertation, review) as well as industry keywords as well as words from overlapping ad groups. Be careful when choosing negative keywords - you can close valuable keywords.

    Remember to use banner ads. If Yandex with display advertising is complicated and expensive, then Google suggests using banners in almost all types of advertising campaigns. Obviously, graphically, much more information can be conveyed. It’s especially difficult to overestimate the value of banners for remarketing campaigns and campaigns on the Google Display Network.

    There are many more ways to increase clickability: dynamic inserts, templates, time-limited advertising, fake display URL. Literally, each advertising agency or major independent advertiser has its own secrets to managing user clicks. We at RealWeb have compiled a short list of general recommendations.

    • Do not write in machine language. Your users are ordinary people who want to see the material they’re looking for. The more humanity in your ad, the more it mimics the search results.

    • Do not abuse dynamic insertions if you are not sure of the syntax and consistency of text and insertion.

    • Try to adjust the correspondence between keywords, ad text and the content of the landing page of the site or landing page.

    • Avoid jargon, red tape and cronyism in ads if this does not imply your product or audience.

    • Do not write monosyllabic announcements from the category "Armchair. Sofa. From a warehouse in Moscow. Inexpensive. Call. " Such ads have not attracted attention for a long time.

    • Automate the process of generating ads correctly: use the Direct Commander, the offline editor of AdWords, well, or like us, Garpun .

    Remember that not only the ad itself is important, but also the page to which it leads. If it has an unfriendly interface, describes a completely different product and misleads the user, all that you get is a large failure rate, even with a good CTR. Therefore, create advertising in a complex, working out every detail and optimizing landing pages. But this is a completely different story.

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