Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is no longer the best executive. Harvard Business Review Rating

    Last year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took first place among Harvard Business Review executives. In this place, he left the leadership position, leaving immediately for 87th place. The first place is now taken by the head of the pharmaceutical company Novo from Denmark, Lars Sorensen, writes Kommersant. Second and third places are taken by Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers and Inditex CEO Pablo Isla.

    The rating by Harvard Business Review is compiled by analyzing a list of 1.2 thousand different companies, with an analysis of the work of 907 different managers. Based on the results of the list assessment, a rating is created from the 100 most successful executives, or rather, CEOs.

    This year, the principle of rating formation was radically revised, due to which many leaders who occupied the first positions in the rating of last year did not “go down” at once several dozen positions. For example, Jeff Bezos this year took 87th place, although in the past he was in first place. Until now, the main criterion for ranking has been indicators such as profitability of shareholders ’returns and growth in market capitalization of companies under current managers. In addition, the rating did not take into account the growth factors of local markets.

    Now, when forming the rating, other factors are used, including the “environmental friendliness” of companies and their social responsibility. The ratio of the influence of financial and social factors, the creators of the rating are calculated as 80% to 20%. If you create a list using only the "social network", then Jeff Bezos and is completely at 828 place. If you use only profit indicators, the head of Amazon takes the same first position

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