8 signs that you need to change jobs

Original author: Jayne Mattson
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Jane Mattson, Senior Vice President of Keystone Associates, specializes in assisting professionals in career decisions and networking. It offers a list of eight signs that it’s time for you to change jobs and find a new occupation that will satisfy your life values ​​and bring pleasure.


1. Your relationship with your boss has changed

For several years you had a fabulous job, an excellent relationship with the boss, but now you have begun to feel changes in the culture of the organization and in the bosses. You are asked to take more responsibility and do more for the company with the same resources. You feel that you have lost support in this company.

2. Work and life values ​​no longer match

When you got into the company, you understood its role in this world, and it coincided with your life values. But now this work does not satisfy you. Culture has changed, or you cannot show your full potential. Ask yourself: if today you would be interviewed for this position, would you go to work in your company?

3. You have ceased to participate in meetings at which the company makes important decisions

The company makes business decisions with which you disagree. You have lost influence on management and are no longer up to date. Leaders consult other people about making decisions that undermine your credibility.

4. You have stopped doing important tasks

Your superiors began to work directly with your subordinates, bypassing you. Your team has split up. You are no longer appointed as a leader on significant projects.

5. You are disappointed with company strategy

The company is changing the direction of its work, and you do not support this decision. You began to actively express your disagreement. Your contribution to the organization’s work has ceased to be appreciated by management because it hears dissent in your position.

6. You wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and replay the dialogs in your head

Huge responsibility, hard deadlines and disputes with the leader cause stress, which already affects the night's sleep. You do not get enough sleep and cannot work at full strength - the circle has closed.

7. You are more involved in managing politics than in your own work.

Rumor has it that the company can buy, and now "everyone for himself." Such an installation does not allow you to work fruitfully. By the end of the week, you notice that you spent more time managing your own status than closing current tasks.

8. You do not want to go to work in the morning

Do you wake up in the morning full of energy, joyfully go to the office, anticipating new achievements? Or do you force yourself to get out of bed every day, pour coffee and go to work, dragging your feet, asking yourself the question every day - “do I need it”? If your brain tells you it's time to move on, you can at least listen to it and try to find another occupation.

What signs from this list do you feel on yourself?

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