Chinese Cybernaut Fund Allocates $ 70 Million for Dauria Aerospace

    Photo: Vedomosti The

    domestic company Dauria Aerospace, which is developing small spacecraft, and the Chinese investment fund Cybernaut have signed an agreement on the creation of a joint venture. The meeting of representatives of the parties and the signing of the agreement were held as part of the Second Russian-Chinese EXPO in Harbin. The joint venture will be opened in Hong Kong, its main task will be the implementation of the Urban Observer project. This initiative is of great importance both for Russia and for China.

    From the report of the Skolkovo Foundation, it also follows that, as part of the agreement, the Cybernaut Foundation will allocate $ 70 million to develop a group of ten small satellites of the Urban Observer series. These small satellites are planned to be used for daily satellite imagery of more than a hundred cities in the world with a resolution of 0.7 meters. New models will be built in the image of the Auriga microsatellite, which is currently under development.

    In 2014, Dauria Aerospace received 150 million rubles from the Skolkovo Foundation. to start work on a new satellite. Since that time, the company experimentally launched three satellites into low Earth orbit. The launch of the first spacecraft of the new series is scheduled for 2017. Such developments open up new possibilities, taking space imagery to a new level and making it more accessible to the public.

    Note that the launch of such comic vehicles into orbit is much less expensive than the launch of conventional satellites. The point is not only in their size, but also in a relatively small mass - up to 30 kg. According to the company's official website, the main task of small satellites like Auriga is to monitor cities, fields and forests. Also, microsatellites of the new generation will allow shooting in sufficient resolution so that cars on the roads are distinguishable, and this could be useful in analyzing traffic congestion in cities.

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