BILLION-DOLLAR CLUB: 11 most expensive startups in New York

    There are many interesting and successful IT startups based in New York. However, not all of them reached an estimate of $ 1 billion or more.

    On October 9, Business Insider published a ranking of the most influential figures in the IT industry (Silicon Alley 100). This time, the publication made a list of the most expensive startups. The list includes only those companies to which persons from the Silicon Alley 100 rating are related.

    All companies on the list are private technology startups that have raised funds from venture investors. When comparing the estimates used data from The Wall Street Journal.

    11. Vox Media

    Pricing: $ 1 billion

    Jim Bankoff, CEO of

    Vox , a media company that owns The Verge, Curbed, SB Nation,, and Eater. In June, the company bought the publication Re / code, which plans to earn about $ 12 million a year. After purchasing the publication, Vox received a $ 200 million investment from NBCUniversal.

    10. AppNexus

    Valuation: $ 1.2 billion

    Brian O'Kelly (co-founder and CEO), Michael Rubenstein (president), Jon Hsu (CFO and COO)

    AppNexus is a software company in the field of cloud technologies. In April, in the E-Series round, the company raised $ 62.7 million. Last October, WPP Holding invested $ 25 million in AppNexus.

    9. Sprinklr

    Valuation: $ 1.2 billion

    Reggae Thomas, founder and CEO of

    Sprinklr, is a social media account management company. Her closest competitor is Hootsuite. Sprinklr recently raised $ 46 million from Intel Capital, Battery Ventures, and Iconiq Capital.

    8. Warby Parker

    Pricing: $ 1.2 billion

    Neil Blumenthal and David Gilbo are co-founders and CEO of

    Warby Parker - an online eyewear store. Established in 2010, the company has made great strides in 5 years. Warby Parker managed to raise $ 115.5 million in total. Moreover, in the last round, which was led by T.Rowe Price , $ 100 million was invested in it .

    7. FanDuel

    Valuation: $ 1.3 billion.

    Leslie Axls, Tom Griffiths and Nigel Axls - co-founders.

    The company operates in the field of fantasy sports. In July, FanDuel raised $ 275 million in the E Series from KKR, Comcast Ventures, Google Capital, NBC Sports Ventures, and Time Warner Investments.

    The competitor of the company is DraftKings. In July, Fanduel acquired the Scottish software company Kotika , and in August, the numberFire sports analytics platform .

    6. BuzzFeed

    Evaluation: $ 1.5 billion

    of John Peretti, founder and CEO of

    publication BuzzFeed tripled revenue in the period from 2012 to 2013. This year, the company raised $ 200 million from NBCUniversal.

    This year, the startup started showing video content. In July, BuzzFeed videos gained 1.9 billion views.

    5. MongoDB

    Valuation: $ 1.6 billion

    Eliot Horowitz (co-founder and STO), Dev Itticheria (president and CEO), Michael Gordon (CFO)

    In July, the MongoDB database startup was replaced by CFO. This post was taken by Michael Gordon. Under his leadership, the company can enter an IPO.

    For 8 rounds, the company raised $ 311 million. Tens of thousands of companies use MongoDB software to develop high-performance systems. More than a third of these companies are on the Fortune 100 list .

    4. Oscar

    Valuation: $ 1.7 billion

    Mario Schlosser (Co-Founder and CEO), Josh Kushner (Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Thrive Capital), Kevin Nazemi (Co-Founder)

    In April, Oscar raised $ 145 million for an $ 1.5 billion valuation. In September, she raised another $ 32.5 million. The round led the Google Capital fund.
    Startup entered the IPO in 2013. By that time, Oscar had over 40,000 customers in New York and New Jersey.

    3. ZocDoc

    Valuation: $ 1.8 billion

    Kirus Massumi (co-founder and CEO), Nick Ganju (co-founder) and Oliver Karez (co-founder and president)

    ZocDoc is an online medical reception. The company was founded 8 years ago. The number of employees of the company has reached 600. They work in New York, in Arizona, as well as in India. In the final round, ZocDoc raised $ 130 million.

    2. Blue Apron

    Pricing: $ 2 billion

    Matt Salzburg, Matthew Wadiak and Elijah Papas, co-founders of

    Blue Apron, is an intelligent food delivery service that determines how many and which ingredients are needed to prepare a particular dish. In June, in the D-Series round, the startup raised $ 135 million.

    Back in 2012, Blue Apron sold more than 3 million food items every month. Since January, the startup has grown 3 times, expanding the audience to hundreds of thousands of customers. The service is mainly intended for millennials who want to expand their diet.

    S1. Wework

    Valuation: $ 10 billion

    Adam Neumann (co-founder and CEO) and Miguel McKilvey (co-founder and CCO)

    WeWork raised $ 433.9 million in the E-Series round in August. In December, the startup’s valuation was $ 5 billion. WeWork was founded in 2010. The company leases coworking zones or other workspace to startups and entrepreneurs. In the future, it is planned to rent out housing.

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