Why analysts lowered Tesla's target stock prices despite the release of a new car

    Analysts at Morgan Stanley, Baird and Barclays lowered Tesla's target stock prices, despite the company's release of a new Model X SUV. The crossover received doors of the "falcon wings" type, three rows of seats and two 259-horsepower engines as standard, which accelerate the car to 97 km / h in 4.8 seconds. But Tesla often does not deliver purchased cars on time.


    Broken promises

    In 2014, Tesla planned to deliver thirty-five thousand cars, but in the end, some reached customers in early 2015. In 2015, Musk planned to deliver fifty-five thousand cars, but in the middle of the year he reduced this amount to a range from fifty thousand to fifty-five thousand. To achieve this result, the company needs to deliver almost seventeen thousand of its vehicles by the end of this year.

    The likelihood that Tesla will again fail to deliver on its promise, and other factors, including the high price of the first copies of Model X, are forcing analysts to lower target stock prices.

    There is a lot of writing about Tesla cars, owners and journalists praise them, but the whole history of the company consists of beautiful promises.and delays in the release of new cars. Musk showed the Tesla Roadster in 2006, the car went into production in 2008, but people who had already paid in advance for the Roadster received them a few months later . There is no guarantee that such a story will not be repeated with Model 3, which the company promises to release in 2017.

    Brave New World

    Tesla's goal is not to produce cars on electricity, but to change the world . The company produces batteries not only for electric vehicles, but also for domestic use and for corporate clients. Musk is trying to make the world cleaner with a new approach to using electricity.

    Ferrari always lives up to expectations. A company with an almost seventy-year history promises to make seven thousand cars a year, and it does them by selling each instance it produces. Tesla is a completely different story: you cannot change the world without ambition, without setting sky-high goals. The company is rarely able to fulfill them, but Mask has to make promises.

    The result - stock volatility within a hundred dollars and lower target price of shares by analysts .


    No big mistake

    Tesla's small mistakes are preferable to a major failure that can make the company disappear.

    Imagine the world in twenty years. A world in which Tesla will produce five hundred thousand cars a year, and most private vehicles will use electricity instead of fuel. Do you believe in this future? In such a world, it won’t matter if Tesla delivered fifty thousand cars in 2015 or just forty eight thousand. Musk built the company around a big idea - and such ideas do not always come true on schedule.

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