HP launches music streaming service for "their"

    Buyers of Hewlett Packard devices will have the opportunity to use the new music streaming service from HP Lounge. True, this opportunity will be available only to residents of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The service geography totals 22 countries.

    The first year of subscription will be free. During the year, subscribers will be able to listen to all works from the company's catalog in unlimited quantities for free. After the first year, the HP Lounge will cost the user £ 3.2 a year (about $ 5 at today's rate). It is worth noting that the service will not have advertisements.
    The partner of the service will be Universal Music Group. HP Lounge users will also have access to news, reviews of new albums and interviews with artists. All of this content will be provided by HP and Universal Music. In addition, users in special competitions will be able to win tickets to concerts, meetings with musicians or visits to recording studios.

    Service developers said they created an intuitive and simple interface. They also implemented “unique” features for finding relevant content.

    The application will be distributed on new tablets and laptops HP, writes The Telegraph. Owners of older devices can download the HP Lounge app from the Microsoft store. If the user is not an HP customer, the service will also be available to him, but only with fragments of compositions 30 seconds long.

    HP noted that they did not plan to compete with the music streaming services Spotify and Apple Music . “We're not trying to enter the market at all costs,” says HP's senior vice president. According to him, the company is launching a service to expand its audience and increase its presence in the market of laptops and tablets.

    In July, Microsoft announced its intention to restart the streaming service Groove Music . The application appeared in Windows 10. The corporation plans to release versions for iOS and Android.

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