Apple swallows two AI startups to make its products smarter

    Apple Corp. Bought Startup Perceptio, a Machine Learning-Based Image Recognition System The system is based on deep learning technology ( deep learning ). It allows smartphones to independently recognize and classify images (or images) without resorting to external databases.

    Other recognition technologies that exist today are overwhelmingly complete without cloud computing and third-party servers. Apple, apparently, plans to minimize the use of user data in computing processes and make wearable devices more independent, writes Bloomberg.

    “Apple buys small companies from time to time, and we usually don’t discuss our goals or plans,” Apple said.

    Perceptio co-founders Nicholas Pinto and Zach Stone train artificial neural networks to recognize and classify images. According to AppleInsider, Stone already works in the California office of Apple.

    On October 2, AppleInsider became aware of another acquisition by the corporation. Apple has taken over British startup VocalIQ , which has developed natural language processing systems for voice control. VocalIQ developments can be used in various fields of activity - from the automotive industry and wearable devices to smart home control systems.

    Thanks to the deal, Apple will be able to improve the capabilities of the voice assistant Apple Siri . VocalIQ software allows voice assistants to sound more natural. With the help of such software, virtual assistants “learn” during each contact with a person.

    However, there are more “interesting” reasons for buying VocalIQ: Apple is going to somehow integrate it into the CarPlay car system or plans to use it in an electric car, the development of which is rumored from time to time.

    VocalIQ began operations under the direction of the Dialogue Systems Group from the University of Cambridge. She is known in the automotive world for her joint projects with the largest American automobile corporation.General Motors . Presumably, after the deal with Apple, the VocalIQ team will remain in Cambridge.

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