Two startups from a new set of accelerator IIDF abandoned the initial investment of the fund

    In May, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund ( IIDF ) launched the seventh set of startups in the acceleration program. As a result, 24 projects were selected.

    Startups have been working on the IIDF site for a week. The fund will invest 800 thousand rubles in 22 companies, and will also finance participation in the acceleration program in the amount of 600 thousand rubles. For this, startups should give 7% of their business to the fund.

    The SweetCard and Convead projects decided to participate in the fund program with their own money, without attracting additional investments from the IIDF, writes Firrma.

    UPD: “IIDF is excellent and in my opinion the best platform in Russia. We came here to work out the mechanics of multiple growth and eliminate problematic and weak points. And we are dealing with the issue of investing in parallel and not the fact that it will be IIDF, ”explained the founder of Convead Alexei Kovalev.

    The seventh set of the accelerator included projects:

    Clicktex (St. Petersburg) - a call widget for smartphones placed on the client’s site. The widget allows you to make a call to the company from a smartphone by clicking on it on the screen.

    “Need dinner” (Moscow) - a service for delivering grocery sets with recipes. Once a week, products that are already washed and chopped are delivered to the customer packaged by the day of the week.

    "Scriptology"(Moscow) - a system of interactive customized sales scripts. The service allows you to see weak spots in sales due to analytics of sales scripts (scripts).

    Nospovetru (Novosibirsk) is an aggregator of stocks and sales throughout the city for end consumers on a mobile platform and a SaaS service for consumer behavior analytics.

    STATERA (Moscow) - SaaS-service, which allows the user to see inside the interface of a bank or other payment organization all their balances on the accounts of mobile phones, cards, Internet providers.

    “City of Masters” (Tyumen) is a two-way marketplace in the field of repair and construction services, which allows you to order an artist and analyze offers on the market.

    Kadnet(Yekaterinburg) is a service that helps cadastral engineers, realtors, banks, insurance companies, municipalities and other market players request data and conduct transactions with real estate from Rosreestr.

    HABITEK (Voronezh) - a cloud-based computer-aided design system for low-rise residential buildings.

    Arbitros (Naberezhnye Chelny) is an online service that helps businesses solve receivables problems with business counterparties using pre-trial, judicial and post-trial tools.

    Vkusnadom (St. Petersburg) - a culinary service that delivers a set of selected, washed and staffed products for the whole week with recipes from the chef. - online scoring and underwriting for microfinance organizations.

    Barter Card (UFA) is a multilateral commodity exchange system that allows participating legal entities to exchange their goods and services for others in order to increase their customer base and save working capital.

    “Laundry-ironing” (Moscow) - a service for ordering laundry and ironing services, operating on a subscription model.

    LifeStyle Marketing (Moscow) - an online editing system for loyalty programs and promotions and the selection of personal offers.

    "Online Driving School" (Ryazan) is a distance learning service that helps to study the rules of the road and prepare for the exam in the traffic police.

    Mygenics(Novosibirsk) - an online service for determining the optimal nutrition plan, level of physical activity, and the characteristics of the body's reaction to various products through laboratory DNA analysis.

    GAPFINDERS (Krasnogorsk, MO) is an online service for digital agencies and innovative marketing projects that provides customers with access to a closed database with descriptions of the needs and tasks of marketing directors of large companies.

    “Sinteka. Options " (St. Petersburg) - an online service for construction companies, which allows you to automate the supply process from the creation of the application to the delivery of goods.

    Zooprofi(Tomsk) - a marketplace of services for pets (grooming, training, veterinary medicine, zoo hotels) with a filtering system, reviews and recommendations from real users.

    YURBURO.RU (Saint-Petersburg) is an online legal services service for individuals and small businesses.

    Vinteo (Krasnodar) is a video conferencing server that allows organizations with a distributed branch structure to reduce travel expenses and increase decision-making speed.

    Finboard (Moscow) - a platform for the exchange of information in the field of financing: legal entities and individuals can place an application for a loan, loan or investment; lenders and investors — find them and write to the borrower.

    Sweetcard(Moscow) - provides trading companies with a new channel for attracting and retaining consumers - bank card holders through the provision of discounts and other types of incentives tied to a credit card.

    Convead (Moscow) is a service that helps online stores solve the problem of low conversion and abandoned baskets.

    The duration of the program is three months. The most successful accelerator graduates in the future will be able to qualify for seed-investment investments from the IIDF up to 14.5 million rubles.

    Taking into account the seventh set in the IIDF accelerator, over two years more than 170 companies received presowing investments from the fund totaling over 230 million rubles.

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