5 best PC games for learning English

    The gaming industry has long become an art on a par with literature and cinema. Igrodely create full worlds with their own rules, features and secrets.

    Often these worlds are thought out so deeply that a whole history of the universe is created with legends, stories and even full-fledged books that can be read.

    And if you study these worlds in English, then you can almost imperceptibly and with great pleasure pull up the knowledge of the language.

    We picked up 5 excellent PC games in English, with which you can pump your language. Play, have fun and learn English.

    A few words about the benefits of games

    Before we give the list of games, we’ll tell you a little why computer games are so effective in terms of learning foreign languages. Our theorists have identified 4 main reasons why this happens.

    Reason 1. Vocabulary and context

    In the dialogues of the characters, inventory and Laura constantly comes across specialized vocabulary. It is often repeated, so with one game you can easily learn from 30 to 200 new words.

    And since they are served in context, they are remembered much faster and stronger.

    In an RPG, players are among the first to remember the words Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Vitality. Players constantly use Health Potion and Mana Potion. For example, in Diablo 3 there are hundreds of items that are shown visually - and even intuitively clear what they mean.

    Reason 2. Interactivity

    Games make people interact with the world, and not just watch its development from the side.

    If we evaluate the effectiveness of this type of work with the language on the training pyramid, then it is at the highest level - 90%. After all, a game is essentially an imitation of real activity. For comparison, the usual reading gives only 10% efficiency, and watching movies - 30%.

    Reason 3. Diversity

    The settings for PC games are as varied as possible. If you wish, you can find a game on absolutely any topic: from a classic western to a global space war. Different games allow you to learn different aspects of the language, including different dialects and slang phrases.

    Reason 4. Pleasure

    Games bring us a lot of fun, and information is best remembered when the brain is interested and deeply involved in the process. It is only necessary to choose the game to your taste, but here it is an individual matter.

    In principle, almost any well-made game is suitable for upgrading English. Of course, if you pass it in English.

    But we still turn to those games that in our humble opinion will be as effective as possible.

    The Walking Dead: The Game

    “The Walking Dead” is an extraordinary game from the Telltale Games studio in the genre of interactive cinema with a role-playing element.

    The game tells about a simple guy named Lee, who by chance happens to be in the center of a real zombie apocalypse. On his way, he meets Clementine, a girl of about 10, who has lost her parents. Lee takes care of her and just tries to survive.

    The game is very atmospheric. And most notable is the gameplay. The main focus is on the dialogues and relationships of the characters. In each scene you will be offered several actions or response options. It depends on them how the story will develop.

    The language is quite accessible, but sometimes slang expressions come across. And a huge plus - the game seems to be motivating to fully understand the meanings of dialogues and replicas, because the wrong answer may be too expensive.

    This is the gameplay of The Walking Dead. In the scenes a lot of choices on which the plot depends. Some choices are limited in time, so it will be necessary to deal with the meaning of phrases in a very short time.

    If the characters' direct speech is too difficult for you to perceive by ear, you can turn on subtitles in the game settings. Therefore, a student with a confident Intermediate will be able to enjoy the game in full.

    Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Witcher 3 is a masterpiece of the gaming industry. The atmosphere of Sapkowski’s books and the enormous work of CD Project Red made the game truly cult. A huge world, dozens of interesting quests and a world worked out to the smallest detail - it makes playing Witcher again and again.

    From a linguistic point of view, everything is also chocolate. The game is full of idioms, metaphors, subtle jokes and a variety of references. They are just a huge amount, especially in the dialogues between the characters.

    A small excerpt from the dialogue of Geralt and Jennifer. The language is very lively, full of emotions. Remarkably, each of the characters has their own style of conversation - and it can be traced quite simply, which allows you to feel the game even more.

    The only drawback is that in order to understand all the intricacies of dialogues and lora, you must already know the language at a sufficiently high level. Upper Intermediate or Advanced will do, but you still have to look into the dictionary from time to time to see the meaning of a catchy word or idiom.

    Fallout 1 and 2

    We recommend the first two parts, because it is in them that much attention is paid to the dialogues and the elaboration of the game world. In the third and subsequent parts of the gameplay was completely changed and the franchise turned into an action that is not suitable for learning the language.

    The action of Fallout 1 and 2 develops in a post-apocalyptic world that survives after a global nuclear war. The main character is a resident of one of the refuge bunkers, who by the will of fate hit the surface.

    The game has an interesting feature. The higher your character's IQ, the more complex and elaborate remarks he speaks in the dialogues. But if we reduce it to a minimum, we get imbecile, which is simply not able to communicate normally with people:

    Therefore, we recommend starting the game with a character with a high level of intelligence - the dialogues will be more diverse. In general, both games in the series can be understood in English at the level of Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.

    Note that the releases of the games took place in 1997 and 1998, so do not expect good graphics from them. Do not expect any graphics from them at all. But the lack of special effects is more than compensated by the plot and the elaboration of the world.

    Here it is, grafon Fallout. We warned.

    The first two Fallout will enter only real Oldfags, but they really stand to play at them. Including for pumping English.

    Dragon Age: Origins

    Terry RPG, which combines all the charm and benefits of the genre: a balanced action game, an interesting plot, a variety of character development options and elaborate dialogues.

    The latter interests us most. In Dragon Age a lot of dialogue. Oh-oh-very. And the trick is that most of them will not be able to miss - otherwise you just won’t understand what to do to complete the quests.

    And the game has a well-developed lor. We highly recommend reading books in the gaming universe. They are quite unusual and sometimes they contain interesting puzzles and puzzles that will lead you to the treasure.

    So usually pass the dialogue with the companions of the protagonist. Talk on a variety of topics - this is a feature of Dragon Age.

    The language in the game is simple. Most conversations are easily understood by a student with an Intermediate level. If you want to immerse yourself in the world completely and read books in the universe, then you need a little higher skill - Upper Intermediate.

    Life is strange

    Another game in the style of interactive cinema with elements of rolevki. In terms of specifics, it is very similar to the Telltale games. You play as a schoolgirl, in whose life strange events begin to occur and she discovers that she can "rewind" time ago.

    This superpower gives you simply unlimited possibilities for learning a language.
    • First, you can listen to the replicas of the characters several times to fix the pronunciation or better understand the meaning of the phrase.
    • Secondly, you can change the answers to the replicas to listen to the full branch of the dialogues with each of the secondary characters.

    Excerpt from the game. The concept of “rewinding” of time is the main plot, so time will have to be scrolled often - and sometimes the game itself will make it.

    Life is Strange - the perfect game to deal with teenage slang and American English. And although it is slightly simplified, there is still a lot of interesting things in linguistic terms.

    Especially we were hooked by the voice acting - it is just great. A lively, emotional language that you want to listen to again and again.

    In general, almost any computer game is suitable for learning English. If you like gangster themes, play GTA 5. In awe of games with a deep storyline? Try The Last of Us. Do you like shooters and you know what madness is? Well, you understand.

    Choose games to taste and learn English with pleasure.

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