Why does holiday advertising work so well?

    Christmas, New Year and other holidays are close. Many companies preoccupied themselves with promoting their goods and services on these dates, with holiday symbols appearing in advertising materials long before the holidays themselves. "Festive" advertising really needs to be launched in advance, long before the holidays. And every year the "New Year" advertising campaigns start earlier.

    In this regard, buyers are fully in solidarity with advertisers. A study by Outbrain shows customers expect holiday content to appear long before the holiday. This applies not only to Christmas and New Year, but also to Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, which are perceived by customers as holidays. Under the cut is a diagram that demonstrates the validity of all of the above.

    Consumption of holiday content (clicks) in November 2014

    Starting in November, the number of clicks on advertising content that is associated with the holidays is growing sharply. At the same time, the amount of such content itself remains at approximately the same level since November, increasing slightly in December and January.

    Amount of holiday content (paid links) The

    study was conducted in Western markets, mainly in the English-language segment of the Network. Therefore, the keywords that users pay attention to most actively are relevant (egg, cookie, eat, snack, delicious, baby, secret).


    Why are promotional materials related to the New Year and Christmas so popular? The answer is simple - the reason is that holidays and everything connected with them cause a person to have positive emotions. Accordingly, even a relatively aggressive advertisement, which demonstrates holiday symbols, causes positive emotions among users who see this advertisement. “Festive symbols” are Christmas trees, stars, patterns, Santa Claus, gifts, chocolate, tangerines (from a domestic user) and all that jazz.

    Effective Holiday Advertising Example

    The most effective advertising, which looks like a congratulation, it causes exceptionally warm emotions. Best of all are materials where holiday content is combined with an indication of what the advertiser is offering. As an example of advertising games, materials that combine elements of the holiday and elements of the game itself are ideally suited. Moreover, the emotions of the user - this is important, but it is even more important to provoke the user to click on the advertisement. And it’s best to do this by filling out promotional material in a “gift” style.

    The images above are an example of optimal advertising materials for mobile devices. Such materials perfectly attract a user who clicks on such advertising better than on any other. Images vary quite a bit, but they also have common elements:
    • The company logo is located in the upper left corner or in the middle of the advertising material;
    • Festive symbols are represented by gifts, snow, sparks, Christmas tree. The illusion of the holiday;
    • Bright colours;
    • The contrast of color as a call to action;
    • Relevant background (snow, fireworks, etc.);
    • A clear demonstration of what is being offered (for example, advertising for gambling with money).


    A few pre-holiday weeks are a great chance for an advertiser to promote their product or service using holiday symbols. And for the owner of the mobile application, the publisher - an occasion to think about choosing a reliable platform for monetization. There is still time to think about your advertising strategy, or think about the best way to place mobile advertising in your application. Do not let the holiday pass by, use this time as efficiently as possible, and, of course, programmatic mediation from Appodeal .


    PS Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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