Secrets of self-development, or How to become a happy victim of success

    There is no need to chase after success - paradoxical as it may seem, but he himself comes to those who deserve it. So how to become the person who attracts success? This is a good question, and the answer to it is not as obvious as it may seem.

    The right bait for a goldfish

    Many would immediately advise to work hard, plan their next steps, persistently go to their goal. Yes, of course, you can’t do without it, but let’s remember how many of us really work hard, dream and try our best to make our dreams come true, but the cherished bird of luck is in no hurry to appear on the horizon. Something is missing, we forgot about something ... Missed factors do not allow all our efforts to form a path that will lead us to success.

    And it always seemed to me that we are pursuing success like prehistoric hunters pursuing a mammoth. But it turned out that in the pursuit of luck homo sapiens was not even able to think of the fact that if we were worthy of success, he himself would accompany us, being the logical consequence of all our actions. So everything is just the opposite - this success should haunt us. After all, promising prospects and opportunities are what you yourself attract to yourself. You just need to work to make the bait worthwhile.

    People are our everything

    In order for Madam luck to be interested in you, you cannot leave anything to chance. We need to improve ourselves, and this must be done in the right direction. Alas, as practice shows, it is not enough to be a cool specialist, you need to be an attractive person who, like a magnet, attracts others, and with them the treasured keys to achieving goals. No matter how trite it sounds, but success is people. They create favorable opportunities, they can become the key to victory or defeat.

    In today's world, information and communications are most valued. Yes, yes, it is precisely the connection and its value in no case should be neglected. And so you need to work on yourself, develop all the skills that already exist, and acquire new ones, tirelessly polish every facet of your character, learn to communicate with people, monitor both your physical health and mental harmony - then you will become a person who will attract others. Your reputation will speak for itself - you will be found by people who are happy to want to build a business with you.

    Theory of the Broken Trough

    You can argue with me about this, but, as a rule, a person’s profit is proportional to his level of self-development (I judge this more by the realities of life of a rotten capitalist west). One very rich gentleman once uttered a wonderful phrase: “If all the money of the world is divided equally among all people, then very soon they will be in the same pockets that they previously rested in.”

    Not everyone is able to take advantage of huge opportunities, even if they knock on the door, not all of us can multiply what we already have. And therefore, it is not easy to keep that which was not acquired as a result of self-development. Well, imagine that happiness has fallen on your head in the guise of, for example, the glorious empire of Comrade Mask. Believe me, only a few of us would be able to create something constructive with her, most would just rush to the Bahamas for joy. And wealth, like ubiquitous energy, would gradually pass into the hands of more intelligent people, whose level of self-development allows them to cope with the obligations and responsibilities with which big business is associated.

    Understand: who you become is far more important than any other benefit. And instead of asking “What benefit do I get?”, “What does this give me?”, Ask yourself the other, most important question, “What am I becoming?”. These questions and the answers to them are closely intertwined - what we become directly affects what benefits and prospects open to us. Look at it from a different angle: everything that we have now we have acquired in the process of our development, gradually growing into those who we are today.

    The truth is that if you want to achieve more than you already have, you yourself need to become something more than you already are. You can rephrase this as follows: if you do not change yourself, then you will remain at the trough.

    Do it yourself - a guide for dummies:

    Let's think about what exactly makes a person attractive. This is a symbiosis of many factors - brilliant professional skills, the right decisions and actions, solid self-discipline, a vibrant personality, character, impeccable reputation, demeanor and what and how you say it. And all this can and must be improved.

    Self-development is a never-ending process during which a person improves himself and attracts new perspectives, happy coincidences - all this is due to the fact that your desire to become better is reflected not only in you, but also affects other people.

    First of all, you need to learn how to live in accordance with your personal ideals. This simple, it would seem phrase, is the obvious axiom of being for many, although not everyone is building their present and future on the foundation of these ideals.

    I really hope that these few steps will help you become the person who will succeed:

    1. Make a list of your top priorities. The hardest part in this case is to be completely honest with yourself. In the depths of our consciousness, a list of the good that is considered to be good for all has been eaten. This list varies depending on the era and fashion. Today, for example, it’s fashionable to have a higher education (although most, unfortunately, it doesn’t add education), it’s prestigious to be a businessman (although many would rather feel like working “in the uncle's office”), and so on. that in life you just have to do a number of certain things to succeed, which we ourselves believed in. Be careful in your desires - they may come true.

    2. When compiling a list of priorities, do not forget about your loved ones. Many make this mistake and then pay dearly for it. If in the first place you have a family and you are not ready to sacrifice its well-being for the sake of achieving other goals, then think about how to satisfy all its needs, how to strengthen ties between its members and not lose family values ​​that are dear to your heart during workdays. Please do not consider these thoughts commonplace. The overwhelming majority of people are accustomed to perceive their near and dear ones as something eternal and unshakable, but this is not so - families are crumbling, once kindred souls become strangers to each other, but the worst thing is that our loved ones can leave us much earlier than we could imagine. Therefore, be with them while you have such an opportunity.

    “So if I move to the factory, I will never see my relatives again?”
    - Yes! Consider it good luck.

    3. Since we dared to encroach on the ideal, that is, to strive for it, then it would be nice to determine for ourselves what it really is. The ideal for each is different, and therefore you need to outline what you should actually go to.

    Here is an option for determining the ideal: “Performing your work at the highest level, regardless of circumstances and pressure. Constant work on oneself in order to achieve the highest level of professionalism in their work, as well as build good relationships with people. The realization that the movement towards the ideal is an endless process, and the readiness for hard daily work on oneself for self-development and achievement of goals . ”

    4. So, when the basic values ​​are defined, the ideal is recognized, and the motion vector is set, it remains to organize an action plan. Set standards by which you can evaluate your own actions and create decision-making criteria. A good plan is the foundation, and understanding how you are going to move towards your goal is priceless. Well-chosen principles according to which you make decisions will be the key to prosperity. In every business, especially in a young developing company, every decision can turn into success or collapse for everything that you managed to build.

    Here we take for example the good old Terminator - the original model T-800 from the immortal world of James Cameron. The main priority for him is the death of Sarah Connor, the ideal is to work hard for the benefit of the cyber family (Skynet) and ensure a happy future for machines without John Connor. There is nothing to complain about - the guy is motivated and focused on achieving the goal. His zeal would be for each of us. The problem of the Terminator lies precisely in the fact that the decision-making criteria were erroneous, and therefore the actions of the character who glorified Arnie do not lead to success, although it is difficult to argue that the motion vector is chosen correctly. So do not repeat his mistakes and do not neglect the importance of each decision you make.

    5. To work on yourself, take advantage of the benefits of civilization. In the modern world, there are dozens of tools that are designed to help you both in setting goals and in planning time. The calendar applications (for example, Fantastical 2, Sunrise or Shifts) and task managers (Todoist, Any.Do or the fun Carrot) will help you to draw up the daily routine, since modern developers have created a great many of them. Or, for example, the SmartProgress goal achievement
    service is a good solution for those who need additional motivation and want to share their ideas and achievements with others, as well as ask for advice.

    6. Change, create yourself, learn. Typically, the causes of changes in a person are two completely different conditions: inspiration or despair. And it is better to start from the first, until in horror I had to make attempts to catch up, seeing on the horizon instead of the treasured blue bird the luck of a roasted rooster sung by Russian folklore. So let your dreams of a better life be an incentive and a source of inspiration for you, which will help you find the strength to work on yourself even harder than on your work. Do not forget that the most important result of your labors is you yourself.

    You have identified goals and priorities, looked into the eyes of the ideal and outlined the path along which you have to go to success. So boldly hit the road. As the great Morpheus said: “Knowing the path and going through it is not the same thing.” This journey will change you, and try to keep your values ​​in tune with your goals and keep your inner world in harmony with your lifestyle. Only then will you be happy and successful.

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