Take it on Callday

    The excitement around the Callday call tracking conference, which will be held on October 3 at the Mail.Ru Group site, was caused by iconic speakers and unique topics. The effectiveness of call analysis for business for the first time at one site will be discussed by representatives of the main Russian search engines, leading Internet marketing agencies and their customers.

    Ilya Sidorov, a senior specialist in new products and solutions at Google, will talk about a search engine solution for tracking calls and a comprehensive assessment of marketing effectiveness.

    Boris Iskritsky, Yandex Industry Manager, will explain how to use call tracking to achieve a noticeable increase in the number of calls, increase conversions and reduce the cost of each call.

    Mikhail Firulik, Head of Mail.ru Group's Data Analysis Department, will demonstrate Multiclass Look-Alike call tracking technology.

    The block of cases is built in an unusual format - both representatives of agencies and clients who will not let us lie will protect projects:
    • Auto direction: ArrowMedia (Kokoc Group) and Panavto;
    • “Household appliances and electronics” direction: VoxImplant and MediaMarkt;
    • Direction “Legal Services”: AdLabs and “CLIFF”.

    About 1,500 people have already joined Callday. Only a week was left before the conference and those who did not manage to register can do this using the CALLDAY15 promo code, which must be entered in the registration field before September 27. Please note that there are few empty seats.

    Official website of the event:callday.ru .
    Organizer: Calltouch.
    General partners: AdLabs, Adventum, iConText.

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