IIDF launches an online service for finding employees and partners for startups

    The Internet Initiatives Development Fund ( IIDF ) is launching a resource to search for co-founders of CoFoundIt.ru startups . While the service is in beta mode. The first users of the site will be 100 people from the FRII database. In addition to the founders, these are specialists who are interested in working in young innovative companies.

    The service will allow young startups to receive support from residents and graduates of IIDF. In 2014 alone, over 10 thousand participants competent in IT and Internet business went through the fund’s programs. Only about 100 projects a year or 200-300 people receive seed investments from the IIDF. Program participants who have not received an investment but gained invaluable experience are ready to pass it on to younger colleagues or even join their startups. The new service is designed to dock these people with each other in a minimum amount of time, taking into account their specialization.

    According to the IIDF survey, more than 90% of projects are looking for an employee or co-founder, and almost 100% of them are ready to use the online search service.

    “The project is designed to help solve one of the main problems of the venture ecosystem - a critical shortage of qualified employees and potential partners for startups, which makes launching startups and their products more complicated and delayed. According to our observations, some projects do not even start at all - and largely due to the fact that it was not possible to assemble a strong team, ” Sergey Skripnikov , IIDF Deputy Director for Communications , told RUSBASE.

    CoFoundIt.ru is designed as an infrastructure project, so it will be free for startups and job seekers, he adds. However, over time, paid features may appear there.

    Western analogues of the service are resources such as CofoundersLab and Founder2be. Russian specialists are registered there who want to participate in international startups. The Russian competitor of the IIDF project, Cofounder.ru , was launched in 2011. However, this site is poor in both base and implementation, IIDF participants believe.

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