“Es like a dollar” // Saturday //

    Avoiding disgrace out of the blue - a visual aid

    Imagine a situation (but what to fantasize is all the time). They call you, appear to be an employee of some modern super-service / technology / respected company. At the same time, one can hear by intonation that a person is aware of his status and general "simplicity" - well, that is "in the image". But after some time, when masterpieces like “U like a bath” begin , a shameful exposure comes ...

    How?! How can one slide into business communication to such primitivism, from which 10 years ago eyes were poking on one’s forehead? Why do companies even allow this kind of thing? How can you not know the English alphabet today? God be with him with ignorance of the whole alphabet - this can not be guessed. But the inability to normally dictate / write down the five-seven-nine letters that make up the email address ... Now it is perceived simply wildly!

    It is important to understand one simple thing. All these stories, in addition to banal annoyance on the verge of bewilderment, cause a negative attitude to business in general. Involuntarily, questions arise - why (why ?, how?) In such a company such an approach works? Own strategy of positioning the company as "stylish-fashionable-youth" because of these trifles instantly begins to burst at the seams. Cool texts about the “team of professionals” and “unique competencies” hang on the site, and on the phone - “be like Russian ve” ... Where is the sequence?

    In this case, it’s stupid to blame everything on snobbery and grumbling. All with a clever look talk about optimization, KPI and BSC, while some completely atavistic things that, it would seem, it's time to forget like a bad dream, are still alive than all living things. This is a trifle, yes, but the devil, as they say, is in the details.

    It is necessary once and for all to determine the assessment of the phenomenon of total ignorance of the English alphabet. This:
    - annoying;
    - unacceptable;
    - bad for business.

    The conclusion is simple - you need to require employees to have a minimum knowledge of English. The alphabet is really a minimum, must have. You can even conduct a special “genius test”, where you need to correctly dictate the mail address. Here, by the way, is an exhaustive cheat sheet that insures against awkward (or annoyed) interrogations - just hang it in places where a “like a tick” situation may arise.

    There are few things in the world whose unequivocal usefulness and necessity does not arise, well, there are simply no doubts. Good old email is just one of these undeniable benefits. Unfortunately, in our harsh reality, the use of even this harmless instrument was not without the described perversions. But what used to get away with is now perceived at best as absurdity. It's time to forget this “childhood illness” once and for all. Which was better not to get sick at all.

    Everything. Breathed out!

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