For the first time in history, an entrepreneur will pay a fine for not fulfilling the terms of the Kickstarter campaign

    Kickstarter crowdfunding platform has been working for a long time and successfully. Nevertheless, it is not without drawbacks - after all, scammers are sometimes found among respectable authors of projects. For profit, some users create a credible campaign, raise funds, and then disappear in an unknown direction.

    Other users are dragging out the terms of the project, hoping that the "investors" will forget about their pre-order. But soon, probably, the situation will change for the better. So, for the first time in the history of crowdfunding, the creator of one of the projects raising funds on Kickstarter was ordered to pay a fine for late delivery of goods to customers, writesPolygon The decision of the Washington state court can now serve as a precedent, which companies and individuals who have invested in any of the projects and who have not received anything in return will use in their interests.

    Washington lawyer Bob Ferguson commented on the situation as follows: “Washington will not encourage crowdfunding thieves.” He also added that if a Kickstarter user collects funds, but does not fulfill his obligations, then such a user will soon face trial.

    The cause for litigation was the Asylum Playing Card campaign . Its creator raised funds, but did not send the goods to customers. The total amount of funds raised was $ 25,146, with a target of $ 15,000.

    The court decided to return 31 customers of the mentioned Kickstarter campaign from Washington state for $ 668. In addition, campaign authors must pay $ 31,000 in fines and return $ 23,183 to the state in respect of legal costs.

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