The fact that our parents and teachers did not tell us about the failures

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Remember school days before announcing exam results? These moments of deep excitement, when the heart began to pound. What caused this reaction?

All out of fear of failure.

We are all familiar with this. This intrusive voice inside us that makes us doubt everything we do and ultimately stops us from taking a risky but life-changing decision.

But are failures so dangerous as we think?

Nothing accompanies success like failure.

How do we learn to walk, catch the ball, ride a bicycle or write in words?

We did not know at the instinct level how to do all this. We learned this, we learned from our mistakes. By falling. Going through failures. Again and again.

Thank God that at that age no one evaluated or condemned us, because we would then be sitting quietly in the corner and not doing anything our whole life.

Do not be afraid to stumble even harder.

Wieden + Kennedy, one of the world's leading independent advertising agencies, has built its entire philosophy on failure.

Company founder Dan Wieden recalls the day he was kicked out of work. He was ashamed, he came home and talked with his wife. And what she told him changed his life forever.

"Nothing, you still have everything ahead."

Surprisingly, these simple words inspired him, gave him the right to make a mistake.

Relax, it's all right.

The fact that we all must remember: to suffer defeat and failure is normal.

The business idea was not successful? This is normal, it happens.

Failed in college exams? And that happens. Nothing wrong.

Departed from work? Yes, this is the best day in life!

If you dig deeper, you will understand that “defeat” is just an idea that we ourselves have come up with. Then why let her stand on your path to success?

Congratulations on your failure!

Look at failure in a new way:

If there wasn’t the word “failure”? What would we replace it with? Result. The results that we wanted to achieve, and those that we did not want. Each result is another step towards our goals.

Failure is, if you like, a kind of success in work. Then congratulate yourself and don't be afraid to make mistakes and fail on the path to success.

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