Oleg Tinkov intends to buy Rocketbank for $ 1 million if his message on the social network gains 2 thousand likes

    Today, September 9, Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov announced that he would offer the founders of Rocketbank to sell it for $ 1 million if the post of an entrepreneur about a possible purchase of this application will collect 2 thousand likes.

    “I am making a public offer for the purchase of Rocketbank (aka Smoothie Bank) for $ 1,000,000. Note, not yet for the ruble! The ruble will be upon expiration of the offer, i.e. September 15th. This is NOT Tinkoff People & Tinkoff Bank offers, they don’t need this, I’ll buy it for the children myself, let them have fun and give out cards at school and college. I’ll appoint Roma CEO, he likes to argue and all the time I have to prove something. Let’s Pasha the service station, he likes to play on the computer all the time and troll classmates. If there are 2000 likes, take it! ”, Tinkov wrote on his Facebook page.

    Oleg Tinkov has a special relationship with Rocketbank. One of the founders of Rocketbank stole Tinkov on the street and asked what he thinks about the new service. Tinkov replied that the application is beautiful, but there is no bank. Then a comment with a photograph of Tinkoff hit the net. The negative reaction of the entrepreneur was used for public relations of a competing company. Rocketbank competes with Tinkoff Bank in the field of online banking.

    Rocketbank is not licensed. He works on the basis of Interkommerts Bank, which issues and maintains his cards.

    The target audience of the application is young people aged 25–35 years. The bank was established by Oleg Kozyrev, Victor Lysenko, Alexei Kolesnikov and Mikhail Provision. The project of Rocketbank was initially developed with the money of the founders themselves, later they attracted funds from the Runa Capital fund and Life.Sreda fund . Runa Capital invested $ 2-3 million in the Rocketbank project in exchange for a 20-30% stake.

    Rocketbank co-founder Alexei Kolesnikov regarded Tinkoff’s proposal as a farce or a prelude to the conversation. “We are always ready to discuss business proposals. But a million is at best a warm-up. If Tinkov offers 20–25 times more, you can seriously discuss this, ”he said.

    “The development of such an application is worth it - about $ 1 million. Rocketbank is a shell that is tied to the bank's services. You can’t just take it and transfer it to another credit organization. Clients legally belong to Interkommerts Bank, and they cannot simply be taken and transferred automatically to another bank. It is necessary to negotiate with people again, to send couriers. Rocketbank does not have its own reports, and according to the balances of Interkommerts, there are no colossal changes since the application was running, ” chairman of the Internet Development Institute German Klimenko shared his thoughts with RBC.

    “In our opinion, from the inside, the potential for its development is far from exhausted,” said Denis Khrenov, senior vice president of Interkommerts Bank.

    Roketbank co-founder Oleg Kozyrev denied the information that the project is looking for buyers, but noted: “If Oleg Yuryevich wants to get to know all of us like this, then our office is always open. If he also wants to offer something, then there is no problem to talk on this subject. ”


    “If the guys from Rocketbank have a good offer to buy, I would sell (this is just my opinion as an investor) and take profit (I do not believe in unicorn in Russia in the medium term). And Oleg always spills mud with something that he cannot get himself, ”says Vladislav Solodky, Managing Partner of Life.Sreda Foundation.


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