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“Your unique selling proposition will surely be smashed to pieces by your potential users” (I).

The potential user’s question finally outweighed my personal bowl of advances in relation to Dental Cloud to the plane:

and now I’m completely sure that if you live only in the product-instrumental positioning paradigm and don’t inform your potential users about the technology outside the product and do not replicate practice, then you are guaranteed to lose. This is such a digression and now about how and why we shot the video.

Actually our experience.

What we did not want, creating videos:
  • Virality
  • Sell ​​and generate leads
  • Make a regular story with video
  • Use FLAT

What were our fantasies:
  • Make at least “A.N.K.L. Agents” or something from Guy Ritchie
  • To do it yourself
  • Rent cheap
  • Find professional contractors
  • Make a little brand awareness

Why did we shoot and What did we try to convey to the doctors with simple messages through video content.
  • To remove a case of use or a situation in which our service may be in demand. How they did it — they said in the script that we might be interesting in the situation of opening our own business — an office or a small dental clinic.
  • To show the current practice of administering treatment "on paper" and that there is an alternative to the practice in the form of a cloud - visualized in a simple and understandable way - with weights.
  • To say in the video that the clouds are affordable and profitable - compared the bill for SaaS with the bill for mobile communications.
  • Show the novelty of Dental Cloud, and that the service has replaced the "boxes". How did they achieve positioning - through the atmosphere of the video - a team of hipsters, the presence of all the devices, a young dentist, an innovative background (equipment) ..

And so, what happened

and further

in the second story, we again did not talk about all the features of the service, but simply pulled out one component - communication - and talked about it with the message - " Dental Cloud erases the border between the doctor and the patient." The video contains the same command and more explanations on the essence of the tool and only about one of its components.

Those. in fact, we got two videos to play in the evangelism of the clouds, case studies, work practices and partially show the tools. The videos are focused not just on the “early followers” ​​(geeks who understand technology and for whom all the functionality and features are critical), but at least on the “earlier majority”, which doesn’t have to explain the functionality too early, but needs to make a message about the opportunities that cloud technology provides and the company that is associated with this novelty. We hit the top 10!

How we chose a contractor

As I said, we didn’t want FLAT, like MySklad - it all looks the same and “like everyone else”.

The average check in the roller market is from 60 - 70 000 rubles a minute. In a situation of limited budgets, we looked in the direction of an incomprehensible trend of scribing and eventually agreed to work with the guys from SmartScribe - it happened below the market and a responsive team, which is nice to work with.

What is the feature of Scribe
Method conveys complex meanings with the help of simple images. Scribing is used “live”, for example, when during negotiations you draw sketches, diagrams or when a professional scriber makes sketches illustrating the speaker’s speech right during the talk.

Video scribe
Based on the technology of scribing, video scrubbing was built. This hand-drawn video, which in a few minutes is interesting and understandable, conveys complex information about the company and / or product to the viewer, visualizes the meanings and makes the message memorable. This is a selling text or storytelling plus non-banal illustrations plus sound effects seasoned with dynamics and an entertaining component.

Money and timelines The
average check for the production of a video is 50 thousand rubles (50% prepayment, 50% final payment). This amount includes the study of the script from concept to storyboard and writing narration, voice acting, preparation of illustrations and editing.
The minimum check is 15.9 rubles (in this case, an advance payment of 100%), in this case, the customer provides a ready-made 30 second text of the announcer - about 60 words - most often it is a speech elevator.

The process of creating a
simple workflow. It consists of seven key steps:
  • First, the company leaves a request on the site or otherwise shows an intention to order a video.
  • Then the terms of cooperation are specified, a brief is filled.
  • After which a contract is drawn up and signed.
  • Following this, the concept of the future video is approved.
  • A script is written based on this concept. In it, as in the concept, you can make changes.
  • After agreeing on the scenario, sketches are prepared and approved.
  • Then comes the voice acting and editing - and the video is ready.

In general, with Scribe everything turned out simple, comfortable and profitable. Examples of the work of colleagues are www.facebook.com/smartscribe and I highly recommend it to those who want to be effective.

Our videos are not the first experience with the video.

and we are true to Askar’s precepts - we bring clouds to doctors through the most informative content - video!

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