Phobias of a person working in IT

    While some comrades are afraid to ride in the elevator, look at the buttons, and the type of navels easily causes uncontrollable fear (yes, navels), I'm afraid not to be in time.

    No, I'm not afraid to be late for transport, for a meeting or dinner, because delays of this type have long and firmly entered my usual habitat (here you can begin to condemn). I am afraid not to have time to find out. To know what I never knew before, but really want. It scares me terribly that every day the lists with the books, articles and other educational and cognitive content intended for reading are growing like a snowball. Someone will say: “but you will procrastinate less and you'll keep up with everything.” But no, this is not procrastination. We've already met this crappy affairand perfectly know the enemy in the face. In this case, he is not a hindrance to us at all. I do not have time to trite. And if it were all 50 hours in a day, not 24, I wouldn’t have time too.

    This is all very strange, but during the informational “overdose”, I experience “ informational starvation ”.

    Pocket falls from links, in Evernote there are hundreds of notes with useful information, and it’s scary to go into the “read later” folder in Bookmate .

    All of these lists and sheets are rather strange. They do not have everything that, in the opinion of society, the state, and, of course, the education system, a person should know. I am not deeply interested in, at least for now, new discoveries in nuclear physics, chemistry, or mathematics. While other people live stereotyped and try to show others their knowledge of string theory, I only study what is interesting to me, and not someone from the environment.

    This reassessment of the necessary knowledge is not yet welcomed by society, because with my knowledge I do not make the impression of a well-read young man, but, say, knowledge in physics and chemistry has never been useful to me in my life. Well, honestly. What really came in handy and helps every day? Call it " business and not-so-good communication skills ." That's where the mechanism really is. And why no one taught me this at school or at the university?

    Perhaps this phobia (or not a phobia?) Developed in the wake of my thoughts that self-education will save this country and the world as a whole. And I save and self-educate at the same time. But just now, going to bed, I am afraid that I might not have time to find out “why and when the last elephant of the Romanov family was shot” or something about “the first flight of the new Amsterdam airliner.”

    I tried not to fill the lists with new notes, books, etc., without understanding the past unread ones, but this also does not work. After all, if you don’t save all this, then later, according to the spirit of fate, to find it all will become difficult, and it will simply be forgotten.

    So what is it?

    And what is it with me? Any new phobia? 21st Century Phobia? But after all, if you think about it, then during a phobia a person is afraid of something and begins to avoid this something. Simply bypass. But I do not go around? I go forward and meet this information with wide open arms.

    Phobia can be defeated. How to defeat this? I understand perfectly, and I do not set a goal to learn everything and everything, but to miss something important - I consider it unforgivable.

    It seems to me that this, let's call it a phobia, is inherent in IT workers. So what to do? Who faced and how to deal with it?

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