We make investments from the site

    How much is?

    We are often approached with questions like “Attach TK, tell me the cost and terms.” There are more complicated cases: “And how much does a music service cost, it is like spotify and Yandex music, only there I will still have my own chips.” And when you understand the essence of the project, its goals and objectives, why this or that item was added to the TOR, there are often resistances: “Why are there so many unnecessary questions, everything has already been written and thought up, just tell me how much it costs”
    This position is logical, because indeed quite a lot of things are spelled out and thought out. And a lot of time has been spent. But is it spelled correctly? And how many points are overlooked and will emerge during the project?
    Such tasks are usually written by two categories of people:
    1. Employees of the client: the project is considered from the point of view of the client: description of the pages and content on them. The remaining points are often omitted. It happens that even the essence of the project is not described. No developer will do anything good if he does not understand the essence of the project, why and who needs it, its possible development paths.
    2. The staff of another studio. Will good studios without any analytics, design, free and without SMS make up the functional purpose or technical task of the project?

    No less important is the very meaning of the question - ask for cost - see the site as a cost. How to buy a phone. But the task of the business is not to buy a website. The challenge is to earn more money. The site is just a tool. So it should be considered not as costs, but as investments. With this layout, the average volume of invested funds is proportional to financial return. We, the studio, are not working to make you a website. We work to ensure that with our help you make a profit and / or reduce costs.

    There is a great temptation to just make a website. All competitors already have, but I don’t even have a shitty one. And friends have nothing to show. The results of this approach are simple: you will lose money, you will lose time, and you will probably lose faith that the site may actually be useful. You will become even more outraged that someone there asks for the site as much as 5 million rubles.

    The average conversion of sites in Runet is 0.1-1% (according to personal observations of the Runet market) That is, imagine that you have a store in the shopping center, in which 1000 people visited a month. They walked, touched your goods, loaded with consultants, trampled floors. Of these, about 20 people got to the cashier, and people paid 6. Such a point would not have existed for a long time.

    Unfortunately, for the Internet, this situation is typical. Yes, of course, this has its own specifics, because 1000 per day is a small figure for an online store, and for offline points it is a pretty good indicator. Nevertheless, there is something to strive for. And raising the conversion to at least 3-4% will increase profits by 3-4 times.

    How much to invest?

    You need to go to the studios and agencies with the question “How much should I invest in order to earn so much in such and such a time?” or “Do I have as many rubles as I can earn on such and such a time?” From these questions are formed the business goals and objectives of the site. No one will answer them right away: you need to understand the business, its processes, do a market analysis, think through possible solutions to the problem using the Internet. But if they say: “Oh, we xs” - leave.

    chrome and customers

    Also, do not forget about the risks: any investment is a risk. They may pay off, or they may not. You need to be prepared for the fact that the studio will make a mistake.

    There are many solutions to company problems using the Internet. It is important to understand that the Internet is the most important point of contact between a company and customers. The reason is the Internet is everywhere: in PCs, in smartphones, in watches, at home, in the subway, in refrigerators and irons. And the site itself is far from the only option to build contact with the consumer. But this is one of the easiest ways to convey to your customer your vision, your products, your positioning.

    Jim figachit

    Therefore, your site is a reflection of the company's marketing, communication and brand strategy.
    This does not mean that before you start working on the site, you need to develop a bunch of strategies, order naming with branding. Of course, they are important, but for small companies it is more important for the founder to understand: who we are, how we position ourselves, how we differ from the rest, who our target audience is, what we want to tell them. When you understand this, you are on the way to making the site an investment.


    1. Speak the language of business; set business goals;
    2. Answer the questions of the studio / agency, there will be many of them;
    3. Never make a site for the sake of the site;
    4. Clearly highlight your positioning, target audience and competitors.

    The rest is the work of the studio.

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