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Original author: Heather Carson
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In this article, we will look at one of the favorite parts of #StartupPR: the best startup presentations we have ever seen. They not only fulfill their function, but also do it stylishly, creatively and with noteworthy tactics.

Without further ado, here are nine of our favorite startup presentations of all time:

1. Buffer

This is a great presentation that Buffer used to collect half a million for his startup. Given that both founders, Joel and Leo, were new to the business, they had to work hard to adequately represent themselves, the company and the product.

This presentation is proof that Buffer tried to conduct business completely transparently, as they were one of the first to post their presentation online so that everyone could see it, instead of playing closed - and this is a rather unusual behavior for Silicon Valley.

2. Airbnb

A brief and up-to-date presentation Airbnb omits all unnecessary and makes an excellent impression.

All that an investor needs to know can be presented in 10 juicy slides.

3. Kickfolio

Clean and simple, with the right statistics.

Presentation at http://www.slideshare.net/500startups/2013-500-demo-day-pitch-pdf-version is not available.

It covers exactly what you need. Nothing extra.

4. Biogrify

Explains the problem and the demographic situation, but does not indicate how much funding is needed - most likely, the amount was removed as confidential information.

It does not take too much time, immediately proceeding to solve the problem and describing the social group that serves.

5. Piccsy

Piccsy offers a very simple version of the presentation that does not require PowerPoint, which is characterized by simple navigation, a small amount of animation and readability. It combines humor and all that this brand is associated with. The presentation itself can be viewed here .

This is a great example of the growing trend of using an online, interactive, scrollable presentation for a simple and straightforward message.

6. Itay Adam: Slideshow about nothing

This is a presentation that Forbes wrote about, the purpose of which was "to build the perfect team, and the product will follow," and which was able to raise $ 2 million. The Seinfeld series was once called the series about nothing, but it was shown for nine seasons. So why not make a slideshow that will also be “about nothing”?

This entrepreneur used five simple slides and 40 minutes of inspirational speech to collect 2 million. Courage + creativity.

7. Share the Air

The naughty presentation of Rachel Sequoia, mentioned in TechCrunch, presented at the Venture Capital Fundraising Club, an event held in Silicon Valley in 2011, may seem a little crazy at first glance, but in fact led to its fake account in Twitter received 2,000 followers, and the video received over 300,000 views on YouTube.

Despite the fact that this presentation was intended to cheer up, it proves that the opportunity to practice creating a presentation before attending venture capital raising events is a great idea, and that a simple presentation can be effective.

8. Moz (Under Growth)

A presentation of the (now quite popular) company with modest success and the goal of becoming "Seattle's next billionth company."

Reliable data combined with real-life stories. Modesty and powerful.

9. Foursquare

Long before the check-in appeared on Facebook, there was a Foursquare website, and many of us who used it checked in wherever we went. Foursquare made travels and walks fun, collecting badges and competing for the "mayor" everywhere we go.

Foursquare pushed off the “10-slide-presentation-business school” and showed its product in action.

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