California Rambus will change the business model for the first time in 25 years and finally release new chips under its brand

    California-based chip maker Rambus plans to change business model for the first time in 25 years. The company will release under its own brand new products designed for use in high-performance server systems.

    Since its founding (1990), the company has been selling licenses for the production of high-speed memory chips. In the history of Rambus, patent disputes have often arisen with firms that did not want to buy licenses. In 2002, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also accused Rambus of violating antitrust laws. Regulators accused Rambus of forcibly imposing its technology. In 2009, the court found the FTC's arguments unsound.

    After 2010, the company headed for reducing the dependence of its business on licensing. In 2011, Rambus bought Cryptography Research , a security technology company, for $ 342.5 million . In addition, Rambus entered the market for LED lighting.

    In 2012, Ronald Black became the CEO of Rambus, who from the very beginning began to pursue a policy of business diversification.

    In 2013, SK Hynix paid Rambus $ 240 million in royalties over a five-year period. Recently, the term of the agreement was extended by six years, and the amount of deductions increased by $ 432 million. Thus, in 2014, Rambus revenue amounted to about $ 300 million.

    New developments of the company are based on chip sets with the function of data buffering. This technology is used to accelerate the exchange of data in memory modules for servers. True, other companies like Integrated Device Technology and Inphi are already selling similar systems. Black promises that Rambus products will be fully compatible with the development of other companies.

    According to IDC analyst Mario Morales, sales of buffering chips in the world are around $ 250-300 million per year. The market for memory chips itself reaches $ 50 billion. Patrick Moorehead of Moor Insights & Strategy predicts the growth of this segment.

    “Computer manufacturers and other customers need a new, reliable component supplier. Rambus is unlikely to expand its range of semiconductor products much, but it is possible that we will have other developments, ”said Black.

    Mass production will begin at the end of the year. While the new Rambus chips are being released in trial lots, reports The Wall Street Journal.

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