Rumors about developing an unmanned Apple car are confirmed

    The British newspaper The Guardian found correspondence from Apple engineers about the upcoming Titan project. Correspondence confirmed rumors about the development of an unmanned vehicle. Work on the project in Silicon Valley. The company is trying to keep all the details a secret.

    From the correspondence of engineers it also follows that tests of the first model of the car will be carried out in the near future. They should go to the military base of GoMentum station. The base is located near San Francisco with 30 kilometers of crossroads, level crossings, turns and junctions. Previously, Mercedes-Benz and Honda were tested there. Access of civilians to the base is prohibited. Therefore, this place is best suited for conducting secret tests.

    In February, Megamindwrote that Apple experts are working on their own project of an unmanned electric vehicle. But then this information was distributed only as rumors.

    Apple introduced employees who previously worked in other automotive companies. So, last year, Mark Newson, an industrial designer who previously worked on a concept car for Ford, was hired by Apple. Johan Jungwirth, former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz R&D in North America, was also invited to the company. The project manager was Steve Zadecki, who led the design teams for the iPod and iPhone. But, again, in the past he worked as an engineer at Ford Motors, and his experience is now of particular value.

    Ford, one of the most successful companies in the US, earned just $ 1.9 billion in net profit over the past quarter. Apple's net profit exceeded $ 10.7 billion. It is not yet clear how Apple is going to make huge profits on its cars.

    A car may not be affordable for most car owners. Remembering the history of the company, it is easy to notice that their past products entered the market as the most expensive in their category, but thanks to their unique qualities and competent marketing, they gained popularity. And Moore's law contributed to a further reduction in prices.

    But Moore’s law doesn’t work for the automotive industry: car batteries do not double their capacity or cut in price twice every 18 months.

    Currently, the development of unmanned vehicles involved not only automakers, but also other high-tech companies. Own development of such machines goes to Google and Uber .

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