Ministry of Economic Development proposes to create a unified reporting register in order to reduce business costs and reduce bureaucracy

    The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation proposes to create a single reporting register for business. The agency believes that this will reduce business costs associated with a confusing reporting mechanism. The Ministry of Economic Development considers the main problem to be an excessive amount of data that must be submitted too often to different departments. Even worse, reporting requirements are constantly changing. We are talking about thousands of reporting forms that reflect the requirements set forth in more than 800 legislative acts.

    According to the Ministry of Economic Development, the preparation of reports takes 6.2 billion hours during the year. The agency plans to reduce these indicators: in 2017 - by 6%, in 2018–2020 - by 5% annually. If this happens, companies will spend 1.2 billion hours less on reporting.

    According to the authors of the project, a single registry is an information portal on which companies can find the necessary details for reporting, templates and forms. It should also indicate the departments to which data should be sent, the frequency, timing and delivery methods. The Ministry of Economic Development plans to reduce redundant and duplicate reporting, and with it the amount of necessary data. The department plans to develop guidelines in late 2016.

    The Ministry of Economic Development proposes to allocate 1.5 billion rubles for the creation of an information system for maintaining a unified reporting register, a reporting portal, research on optimizing reporting forms and examining applications for inclusion of forms in the register. This amount, according to the department’s plan, can be issued in parts in 2016–2020.

    It is difficult to estimate this amount without analyzing the terms of reference for creating the registry, but it should obviously be more than just a list of documents and forms, says Alexander Varvarin, vice president of RSPP for Corporate Relations and Legal Support. Perhaps this should be a tool that will allow you to fill out reports online and record their receipt by government authorities, he suggests.

    “In Russia, the problem of excessive reporting is several times more acute than in other jurisdictions; filling out reports can eat up to a quarter of the working time,” said Vladislav Korochkin, First Vice President of Opora Rossii.

    Now the concept is under discussion, saidRBC representative of the Ministry of Economic Development. According to him, the ministry plans to submit a document to the government in September-October 2015.

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