We instantly collect customer base

In this article I will tell you how to use our module for Bitrix24 to collect a database of potential customers within a few seconds.

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Installation in Bitrix24

The Lead Generator is installed from Marketplace24. To do this, go to the " Applications " - " All Applications " section in your Bitrix24 portal .

Next, select a category: " Import, Export Data " or " CRM ".

Select the Leader Generator application from the list of applications.

Click the " Install " button on the application page and in the permission request window.

To fill in the empty field " Access Key ", go to the site www.lead4crm.ru . City choose the one in which you are going to work,

There is no need to register separately on the site www.lead4crm.ru , just click the “Login” button, then select one of the oAuth services (Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+, Odnoklassniki, Mail.Ru or Yandex), give permission to provide e-mail addresses and all. Then you will find yourself in your personal account, where it is enough to simply press < Ctrl + C > or < Cmd + C > (for Mac), and the key will be copied to the clipboard.

For the module to work properly, it is necessary to replenish the balance by the amount suitable for you. Replenish in any convenient way. Since tariffs are available on the same website.

If you replenished the balance by an amount equal to or greater than the cost of the “ Start ” tariff", Then you should choose the appropriate tariff. To do this, select the tariff plan in the personal account at the very bottom.

The copied key must be inserted in the settings of the Lead Generator application in your Bitrix24. To do this, go back, insert the key and click the " Save " button , after which we look when the page reloads and the application workspace opens.

All! Installation completed.

Company search

First of all, you need to decide which search is better to use: associative or point. Each of them has its own advantages.

An associative search is primarily convenient in cases where you need to find companies that have several types of activity, but that fall under one definition, for example , there are no “ beauty salons " in the directory, there are several sections that fall under this definition. But it doesn’t matter what it will be, a tanning studio, a nail studio or something else, we need to find everyone, so in this case it is better to use associative search, in the module select the link " Test Search ".

Point searchit’s convenient because we immediately filter out unnecessary companies, for example, from the example above, we don’t need everything at once, we just need hairdressers, for this it’s better to select a point search, in the module you can select it by clicking on “ Type of activity ”.

Associative search

To search for everything we wish, everything is ready by default. After making sure that we have more than 0 residual requests, enter any phrase you want, for example: beauty salons and press the " Search " button or simply press the < Enter > key .

By default, all companies that are not in your CRM are selected. But I already had one company from the entire list, so the module immediately unchecked the import mark from this company, and also marked it in green.

Select the companies you want to import, if necessary, and click the " Import Companies " button . If necessary, indicate the responsible for each company.

We are waiting for the progress indicator to reach 100% and disappear from the screen, after which you can either continue from the next page, or already start working with the database of companies.

Point search

Point search or search by type of activity works in the same way as associative (text search), the difference lies only in the internal search mechanisms. To use this type of search on the main page of the application, click on the link “Type of activity”, and then select the type of activity.

For example, we need dental centers:

Further, everything is also similar to the previous type of search.


In order not to open the application each time in order to change the search criteria, just click the " Open search form " button - this will significantly reduce the waiting time.

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