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    A few years ago, meeting a callback widget on a site was a rare success. As a rule, a phone number was indicated on the site, at best, a free number is 8-800. But times are changing, competition is getting higher, and even though the quality of services and goods is getting better, requirements for them are constantly growing.

    We are demanding because We believe that we deserve it, but we are not spoiled for the same reason - we deserve a royal appeal! Therefore, we raise the bar and offer not just a telecom service in the form of a quick call, we offer our customers a customer retention service!


    This article will focus on such a small marketing tool as the callback button and what is hidden behind it.

    Perception makes a sale

    We already wrote that as a rule 98% of users leave your site without ordering anything. We can assume that these were not thematic visitors, and they were not going to buy anything. However, an experienced sales manager will tell you that there are no non-thematic visitors and if a person has looked into your store, then you already have a chance to sell him something.

    What affects the fact of making a purchase? I call it “feeling” (to have a feeling, feeling, emotion, impression, perception - depending on the context).

    The fact is that people tend to make purchases that they don’t even need if they have a “feeling”. Remember how long you bought a thing in a shopping center because you just liked it, and not because you needed it?

    In addition, the client can independently, get acquainted with the properties of the offered product on display windows, through labels, price lists, price tags, websites, etc. Having a conversation about the properties of the product, the buyer evaluates it from the point of view of emotions that he will receive using this product / product / service.

    The question “How?” Is the main question at the time of the decision. How I will use it, how easy it is and how (for the better) my business, life, health, relationships, etc. will change. Therefore, it is important to create the right perception, and any detail, both in the ofline store and in online sales, matters.

    Widget - he is a person!

    Once, on one of the sites selling real estate, I wanted to leave a request. Having almost completed the form, I had to spend some time figuring out how to remove the button with the phone, which was stuck in the last required field. The callback button could not be removed in any way, and therefore the form was not sent.

    You don’t need to be a pro to claim that such an implementation of a quick call will reduce and not increase conversion. Therefore, outwardly the same buttons behave completely differently, the whole secret lies in the algorithms that determine the behavior of the buttons on the site. The working callback button , as a talented sales manager, knows at what point you need to keep silent, and at what point to make an offer.

    Appearance is no less important. The responsive design of the widget to your site complements the “feeling” of your client. Harmoniously fitting into the design of your site, the widget looks like its part, created to facilitate the connection of the client with you, and not an intrusive aggressive picture.

    In world practice, there are many examples of companies that have managed to increase online sales by changing the emotionality on the site. For example, the free mailing service MailChip, after the redesign, has grown 140 times in 4 years. Having made a more friendly design, they managed to increase their customer base by more than 600% per year. Of course, not only one design had such an impact, but do not write off its merit.

    Things like personal preferences, cultural differences, gender, and parenting affect the perception of color by a particular person. Therefore, in our panel you can change the color of forms, lines, buttons, text, change text and pictures, in general, make a widget that is ideal for the tone and general style of your online store.

    ! When choosing a widget, remember that its appearance can improve the user's mood, or vice versa - inspire concern.

    Analyze to improve perception

    The benefits of customer retention do not end with being connected to a customer in 28 seconds or less.

    Call analytics - allows you to evaluate the quality of the work of your managers. This is an equally important aspect, since it is the quality of the work of managers that ultimately determines the sale. Increasing competition and market oversaturation have led to the emergence of a new type of customer - “Formed consumer”. In addition to high requirements for the product, it has no less high requirements for the sales process itself. One of the leading motives for buying for a client is comfortable communication with the seller. Even a consumer who is interested in a purchase is likely to leave if the seller behaves indifferently or is removed, although answering his questions. At the same time, if the seller constantly says, not even trying to listen to the client and understand his needs, the client will also not be satisfied.

    The customer retention service determines whether an optimal balance has been reached in communication between the client and the manager for each call. And the ability to listen to the recording of the conversation allows you to identify errors in practice and increase the level of your manager (s).

    Leave the opportunity to keep promises

    How many times have you left your contact information in the feedback form? As a rule, after that, you read the automatic “Thank you for writing to us. We will contact you shortly". Did you feel at that moment, confident that they would call you? Did you have an idea when this coming soon?
    Customer retention service will not allow the manager to forget that the client wants to talk with him. If the call order occurs after hours, then in the morning the widget will definitely call both the client and the manager. The company collects phone numbers of potential customers after hours, the client receives confidence that they will call him back.

    Not a single phone number will be lost, except for calls, the service sends an SMS with the client’s phone number to the manager’s number.

    If you still don’t have one in your online store, we invite you to come in and try to work with it for free!

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