Gartner Analysts Estimated Degree of Reduction in World IT Market Segments in 2015

    Analysts at Gartner have identified 5 of the global IT market segments that in 2015 the biggest decline in US dollar terms. This was reported by CNews, citing research materials.

    1. Corporate software

    Corporate software spending will decrease by 1.2%: from $ 314 billion in 2014 to $ 310 billion. In 2014, the growth of this segment amounted to 5.7%.

    2. Systems for data centers

    Expenditures on network equipment and data storage systems for data centers in 2015 will decrease by 3.8% in dollar terms and amount to $ 136 billion. Last year, they amounted to $ 142 billion. It is expected that customers will prefer to extend the life of existing technology solutions and try to delay innovation.

    3. IT services

    Global IT spending is expected to reach $ 914 billion in 2015. This is 4.3% less than in 2014 ($ 955 billion). In 2014, growth was 1.9%.

    Expected growth of costs for consulting services in the implementation and monetization of cloud services.

    4. Devices

    Device spending will decrease by 5.7%: from $ 693 billion in 2014 to $ 654 billion in 2015. Last year, their growth was 2.4%.

    Analysts note the growth of the global smartphone market and the decline in sales of PCs and tablets.

    5. Communication services

    Global expenses for communication services will decrease by 7.2%. In 2015, the volume of this segment will be $ 1.5 trillion. Last year, it was $ 1.6 trillion. The communication services segment will show the largest decline in 2015 among other segments for two reasons: due to lower prices for communication services and due to increased competition.


    Overall, global IT spending in 2015 reached $ 3.5 trillion, compared with $ 3.7 trillion in 2014. The decrease will be 5.5%. In 2014, the growth of IT expenses amounted to 1.6%.

    The decline in global IT spending is a consequence of a stronger dollar. At fixed exchange rates, market growth in 2015 would have amounted to 2.5% in dollar terms, analysts at Gartner said.

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