WayForPay: Orders without a basket, how to simplify the purchase process for a customer?

    In the era of active development of e-commerce, with new technologies that simplify online shopping for the buyer, there are quite a lot of sites that do not even have a sales basket. The design of goods or services occurs by telephone or by e-mail. In addition, even large Internet merchants tend to take orders through a call center, or by e-mail.
    The average rate of orders without a basket can reach 40%, even with a full site. Depending on the type of business, the share of “phone purchases” can be up to 80% of orders.

    If a payment partner manages to accept payments on the website through the basket, then when accepting payments by phone, they mainly consider several options.

    Card details or account

    The standard scheme of work for many small online stores. An order is formed, and payment is requested to be made to the card or an invoice is sent with the details for payment. If the online store accepts 1-2 orders per day, then making such a payment and tracking the payment is not difficult. But when working with dozens and hundreds of orders per day - the sales department will be busy only with reconciliations (whether the money arrived in the account, when and if the full amount of payment).

    Cash on delivery

    Cash on delivery is convenient for the buyer, but not always positive for the seller. Especially when the buyer does not pick up the goods at the post office or from the courier.
    In addition, if it is a service / product requiring an advance payment, then it is more acceptable to use an electronic account.


    "Invoice" (from the English invoice) is an electronic account that is generated by the seller online and sent to the client by e-mail, sms or other convenient way to pay online. The client only needs to enter his payment data in order to pay for the goods or service. In fact, this is a formed basket with goods in the customer’s e-mail box, which must be paid.

    An electronic invoice can be formed by the call center operator, adding at the same time additional positions (for example, related products) that were sold to the buyer during the dialogue. Invoice is convenient for offline businesses where full or partial prepayment is required - for example, for small hotels when booking, for travel agencies when paying for tours, visas, and for any business where “remote” simple calculations are needed. Also, electronic billing can be suitable for online merchants, whose value may vary, for example, retail and wholesale prices.
    In the WayForPay system, Invoice can be formed in your personal account, setting the product price, quantity and email / phone number of the buyer, or through the API to integrate the service to the online store. An invoice can be sent through WayForPay, or from an online store. In addition, an electronic invoice can be sent to the client's phone number as an SMS message with a link to the invoice. The buyer, upon receipt of the invoice, can easily pay online, which will accelerate the receipt of money by the seller.

    An online store can accept online payments through a shopping cart, accept orders through a call center, and monitor payment and general payment statistics in the seller’s personal account.

    Using electronic invoices saves time for both the buyer and the seller. But the greater advantage of the “invoice” is that the “basket” has already been formed, which the client has to pay online.

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