As we did in the first day of 500 registrations

    Hello friends! My head is spinning from work and from the dynamics of the project’s growth. The day before yesterday, we made a large-scale launch of the project and received immediately 500 registrations.

    Plus, the virial effect has begun and registrations are already coming from shared posts and affiliate programs.

    Let's go in order. In fact, we started not yesterday, but two weeks ago. We looked at the callback services market and also wanted to “cut money” quickly. They made an offer in the market and set the cost of one conversation with a client 50 rubles.

    We started making cold calls, connected 17 clients. Received one payment of 900 rubles. So we lived for two weeks and it became clear that something needed to be changed.

    They put themselves in the shoes of the client and thought: in fact, a call back is a regular telecom service. Of course, there is a service in the form of a widget, in the form of technical support, but this is not a reason to take money from people for every call or every minute of the conversation.

    So, the starting point cleared up. There are two components to the callback service: telecom (telephone connection with the client) and service (widget itself, button on the site, technical support, user training, recording conversations). And we decided to completely change the model. To give users the opportunity to use the service for free in the basic version and, if desired, purchase a paid version with additional functionality.

    We immediately added tools to create a viral effect in the service. These are bonuses for the person telling about the service to friends (they are mentioned in the interface itself and in the letters of transactional mailing), as well as an affiliate program with interesting conditions, which allows you to start a “automatic growth” of the client base by typing a certain number of sites without active partner involvement.

    We started processing the service this Saturday (August 1, 2015), sat down, got tea, coffee, put a hookah and started developing. All the functionality was ready, we only need to do the per-minute billing. No sooner said than done. On Sunday evening, with red eyes and a square head from hookah smoke, the service was ready. But, the most difficult thing remained - to give information on the landing page why we are free. They sat for a long time and “puffed” over it. So plainly deciding nothing went home.

    In the morning - they finished off the landing by adding a little pepper, who knows he will understand:

    The day before yesterday, Monday (08/03/2015) we decided to launch and the first thing we did was to send out newsletters to people we know. Who they are: I periodically hold free events and workshops. When registering for them, we collect mail. We made the newsletter with the following content:

    We sent the newsletter using the service . Intelligent service, I really liked it. Previously used only GetResponse.

    And away we go. Registration, callback orders, balls and reposts VKontakte.

    Someone fumbles to get a bonus, someone places affiliate links.

    We are now in a tough time trouble. Various bugs come out, we rule on the fly. Customers are satisfied, thank us.

    Thank you all for your support. Thanks for the faith! Good luck to everyone! We went to hammer on!

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