Alibaba Group has a new president

    The Chinese company Alibaba Group announced a new appointment - Michael Evans, the former vice chairman of the board of directors of the American Goldman Sachs bank, became the president of the company. According to Alibaba representatives, the experience of the new president will help the group to develop more actively in the international market, Kommersant writes . Evans himself has been working at Alibaba since September last year, until recently, holding the post of independent member of the board of directors.

    An Alibaba Group official statement said that “the appointment of Michael Evans as president underscores the company's commitment to globalizing our business. Our company considers business growth outside of China to be its top priority and intends to significantly increase trade between China and key markets in the world. ”

    Alibaba founder Jack Ma is now implementing a plan to upgrade and reform the company. Evans' assignment is part of this plan. Now the company, as it enters international markets, has to solve increasingly complex problems.

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