Counterparts Wildberries filed thirteen claims for 80 million rubles to the retailer

    In early 2015, Internet retailer Wildberries received thirteen lawsuits in the arbitration courts of Moscow and the Moscow Region for a total of about eighty million rubles. The bulk of the counterparty’s claims are delays in payments for services rendered to the company and late payment of goods, RBC writes . Factoring ,

    Rost, is demanding debt and a fine in two lawsuits to be recovered from Wildberries. Wildberries has entered into global agreements with suppliers of Bosca LLC, Riline LLC, and Slavyansky Vector LLC, a freight carrier. The seller of children's goods LLC Azaria entered into an amicable agreement with Wildberries after paying off the last debt of 3.5 million rubles from 2012.

    Entrepreneur Roman Ptitsyn, a supplier of Greyder and Friendly shoes, filed lawsuits demanding to pay off a debt of 12.3 million rubles and demanding to return 758 thousand rubles for using borrowed money. The court decided that Wildberries should pay Ptitsyn 13.3 million.

    RBC interlocutors said that one of the reasons for the lawsuits against Wildberries was the company's transition at the end of 2014 to a payment scheme upon the sale of goods. Previously, the company worked with a deferred payment of up to ninety days. Representatives of Wildberries claim that the transition to such a scheme was made in order to give Russian designers a chance without increasing the budget for the purchase of goods.

    Vladimir Bakin, head of the Wildberries Economics and Finance Department, argues that such a work scheme is complementary, but not basic, and links claims to the company with an increase in business and the completion of contracts with suppliers.

    According to February 2015, Wildberries is one of the largest Internet companies in Russia according to Forbes. According to Infoline, the store’s revenue for June 2015 is 18.8 billion rubles, which puts the retailer in sixtieth place in the rating of the largest Russian retailers .

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