Apple and Google will try to predict user behavior

    Two technology giants, Apple and Google, are currently developing technology to help predict the actions of mobile device users. Perhaps this function will work already in September this year, writes RBC. The new technology will allow the delivery of information to smartphone users even before users request such data on their own.

    Interestingly, Apple and Google use different methods for development. So, Apple’s portable assistant, which will appear in the ninth version of the company's software platform, will offer information by analyzing data that is already stored in the smartphone. And Google will use data from online services for the same purpose.

    “This is a serious battle. Companies will seek to highlight their strengths, ”commented Rich Mogull, executive director of Securosis, a research firm. According to some experts, Apple and Google will use their groundwork in this area for different purposes. So, Apple will try to attract more buyers, and Google - to expand the audience for advertisers.

    The work of Google and Apple in predicting user behavior is part of the development of digital assistants. For example, Google has already shown earlier how a smartphone will warn the driver about the need to return a rental car. The service will take the return time from the letters in the user's mailbox.

    Also, Google representatives have already stated that the company is going to determine the interests of users as accurately as possible. “Imagine an assistant who works for you an hour a day. I want my assistant to work around the clock, ”said Google Product Management Director Aparna Chennapragada, responsible for Google Now.

    Apple will be limited only to the data contained in the phone. This data will be used to determine the frequency of use of certain applications by the user, as well as to localize the user's location and analyze the circle of his communication.

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