Trust but measure: aggregate advertising statistics

    Synthesis is the most important concept in any activity. When the whole is assembled from the set of private, you can get a true picture that will allow you to objectively assess the situation and make an informed decision. In online advertising, synthesis has become a key process today - this is due to the fragmentation of the campaign channels for which statistics need to be collected and analyzed. Only the aggregation of all data helps the advertiser to select the most effective promotion channels and make the right managerial decision. However, importing data from various sources is one of the most problematic issues in online advertising and it is being abandoned, leaving a disparate data pool. This approach is tantamount to walking in a bumpy terrain with blindfolded eyes - trauma is inevitable. If you ask RealWeb employees

    , what web analytics tool they consider the best, then in the first place they confidently call Google Analytics. Indeed, this is a powerful system that allows you to analyze traffic, know everything about your site and the income of a site or online store, includes incredibly cool features for e-commerce and comprehensive analysis. Typically, an advertising manager connects AdWords and Google Analytics accounts and can measure and analyze key metrics across the channel. However, advertisers are often not limited to advertising on Google AdWords, but give it on different channels: on social networks, on Yandex, Bing (Yahoo, MSN), etc.

    Advertising without analytics and evaluating its effectiveness is money thrown to the wind. Even if you observe an increase in sales and profitability during the advertising campaigns, this is a very subjective feeling - the business does not know which channel generated the most revenue and which one should be invested to achieve new peak profits. Many people wonder - why do we need to aggregate data from all advertising platforms?

    • To effectively measure the result, all data will be collected by channels and it will be possible to calculate the total indicators and ROI for all advertising activities on the Internet.

    • To analyze all advertising and SEO activities in order to distribute the weights of each source in the formation of the company's income (loss).

    • To be able to unify data and compare indicators by similar entities: ads, ad groups, campaigns, etc.

    • To calculate indicators not available at any site.

    • To unify access and work in a single convenient interface without the need for manual data collection.

    • To calculate the planned advertising costs, forecasting advertising and marketing budgets.

    • For a visual demonstration of statistics on advertising campaigns on the Internet.

    Scattered advertising campaigns require thorough analysis and, above all, data comparison - you need to know exactly which channel is more cost-effective. and which needs to be processed or closed. There are many ways to combine data - almost every manager working with site analytics has its own secrets. Someone uses aggregators, someone manually collects and analyzes data in MS Excel and MS Access files. We at RealWeb work with a huge number of client advertising campaigns, so we prefer to use reliable tools, which we will talk about a little.

    Adhands- functional dashboard of own development RealWeb. This is a system that connects to online advertising sites (Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Market, Google Adwords, Vkontakte,, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Yandex.Auction, etc.) through the API. We already wrote about it on Habré from the technical point of view. From the perspective of an external user, this is a great aggregator for collecting information from many advertising accounts. By collecting data in the AdHands interface, the user can easily compare metrics and calculate the performance of advertising channels. The system successfully solves the problem of inconsistency of entities (for example, the names of the same components of campaigns at different sites) and helps to evaluate the ROI of advertising placements on the Internet.

    Supermetrics- A service that helps you configure the loading of data from sites: Twitter, Facebook, SEMrush, YouTube, Bing Ads and many others. Supermetrics can be presented as a solution for various platforms:

    • Supermetrics Data Grabber - automatically collects data into specially designed MS Excel files. You download the Excel file for the version of Office that is installed on your workplace and with the help of a well-organized menu and customized macros collect data, get their analysis and graphical representation.

    • Supermetrics for Google Drive is a Google Drive tool that works with Google Docs spreadsheets or text files. A powerful solution for those who are used to an online editor and prefer to work in a single workshop.

    • Supermetrics Functions is a solution for advanced Excel users, who are many among advertising campaign analysts. Functions allows you to create your own complex formulas and queries to the data of advertising platforms directly in the cells of Excel or Google Docs tables. This is the most flexible solution for any type of business, but it requires exceptional professional skills.

    • Supermetrics Uploader is a data downloader in Google Analytics. It loads the data of Facebook, Bing Ads advertising campaigns, but also works with files in csv format, which removes the restriction on the list of available sites.

    The Supermetrics service is paid, but we cannot name a free analogue, which at least stood close in terms of data processing power and functionality. Another warning: the service is English-language, so working with it requires additional language skills.

    The BI.OWOX.COM system is more friendly to Russian-speaking users and to sites popular in Russia, including Direct, Facebook, Vkontakte, Yandex.Market and even SEO data, if you use manual download operations. OWOX helps you upload data to Google Analytics for later analysis of advertising campaign costs. After downloading, all data is processed in the Google Analytics interface. A feature of the system is the need for each import to create a new data set in Google Analytics.

    We at RealWeb use all of these tools - the effectiveness of each method depends on the task assigned to managers. The main thing is to conduct a thorough analysis of the data, leading to their uniformity. Web analytics can do real miracles: increase website conversion, set profitability points, and open up new opportunities for working with clients. If you miss these opportunities, you miss the extra income. Believe me, your online advertising can work more efficiently.

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