How to increase the conversion of an online store using email marketing?

Any online store wants to sell as many products as possible on its website and this is normal. It would seem that even online stores can come up with in order to return their visitor with money and make him the best offer? In this article, I will tell you about one experiment that was able to increase sales of an online store several times. It's about email marketing.

Beginning of the thought process and creative imagination

Once, while sitting at a workplace, I was visited by a very important question: how can I make it so that everyone can follow the prices of an online store? Yes, so that in the season of promotions and sales, people do not get lost and immediately go in and buy exactly the goods they need?
After this thought began to develop in my head, my brain was washed so actively loaded with this task that after a couple of experiments I had an idea!

The idea of ​​voluntary publicity of price changes

People on the Internet quite often share their personal data on the Internet. Most often: email and name. The rest is already under a big question and only under great motivation about a profitable offer.
And then I had the idea of ​​notifying a price change via email. Now many people read and think that I am CEP and haven’t come up with anything new. But read to the end and have patience :)


Customer Attraction

It all started with the collection of email addresses of our customers. I created a simple form with 1 field and 1 button (minimalism is our everything), but first you need to attract a client ... Therefore, I came up with UTP (a unique selling proposition).
I want to be the first to know about price reductions
After the visitor is interested, he will click on the link and see the form.
Enter your email

Sales against SPAM

In Russia, email marketing is associated with spam, and so you need to come up with something really useful and unique. I am against SPAM! In the end, I figured out how to implement personalized email sales.


For a simple experiment, not a designer layout is enough. Therefore, it was decided not to waste time on the experiment.
Also, another motivational moment was invented and introduced, which caught the attention of the client - “saving”. For the experiment, the price of the goods was reduced by 4 rubles.
The following layout turned out:
Discount letter
Discount letter
Next, what was done just accelerates the purchase process by at least 3 times! The client enters his phone number and when you click on the "Buy in 1 click!" Button, the client goes to the company's website and the order is automatically processed!
Looking at the picture, you should now realize what has been done ... I will not reveal all the secrets. Just gave you food for thought

The results of the work

Google Analytics shows the statistics of the page that processes the order.
Email Marketing Result


This work is specially shown in the form of an experiment, and you already think about its advantages :)

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