Apple is set to save $ 1 billion on investments

    The day after the publication of Apple's financial report, the company's management announced its intention to reduce investment by 8%. The reductions will affect the procurement of production equipment, investments in data centers, the opening of new stores, Vedomosti writes . According to the new plan, the corporation’s capital expenditures should be about $ 12 billion.

    Previously, the corporation planned to increase the volume of investments to $ 13 billion, but now, according to the new plan, Apple’s capital expenditures in the current fiscal year will be $ 12 billion. The company’s representatives explained that the corporation managed to find more effective ways of spending money on the purchase of production equipment and construction. In production plans, nothing has changed.

    Earlier, Megamozg reporters already reportedthat, despite the increase in the quarterly profit of the corporation, Apple shares on the exchange fell immediately by 4.2%. The negative dynamics is due to a lower than previously expected level of sales of iPhone smartphones.

    Recently, Apple has significantly increased capital expenditures. At the same time, a significant part of the funds is spent on expanding the data center network in various countries. Data centers are needed by the company to support the work of branded services (App Store, iTunes), as well as Apple online stores.

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