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Original author: Greg Galant
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Snapchat as a working messenger? It is worth starting to use to understand. This article seemed very curious and revealing to us, and we offer you its Russian translation.

Snapchat is the first social network that I was too old to understand.

I joined Facebook right after it went off campus, this was my third year in college. At the earliest times I started Twitter and Instagram: I even have a username - gregory on both networks. I laughed at those who could not "understand" these services.

And then Snapchat appeared. I downloaded it, but none of my friends were there, so it was impossible to appreciate its appeal.


Many people learn new social networks more slowly with age, but the Sawhorse Media company that I founded launched the Shorty Awards for the best on social media, and Muck Rack, a SaaS solution for PR and journalism based on social networks. Our job is to understand the latest trends in social media, but many of us still do not understand Snapchat.

If you recall the spread of Twitter, it becomes clear that people cannot understand it until they start talking about it. Before that, people simply say: “What can be said of value in 140 characters?” or “Why not use a blog for this?” Total immersion on Twitter is the only way to really understand it. How could we make everyone in our company understand Snapchat?

And then something hit my head: we decided to announce one day at the company as Snapchat Day. On this working day, all forms of internal communication, including email, IM, chat, SMS, comments on Trello, bug reports on Github and even phone calls were prohibited. All communication has moved to Snapchat.

Snapchat day started hard. Obviously, Snapchat was not designed as an effective business communication tool, and it is not. In the middle of the day, we all pretty well mastered sending messages using the platform and the basics of its non-intuitive interface. How do you report a bug via Snapchat? Just send a photo:

Even taking orders for the team’s lunch, which we usually did together through Seamless, became a problem:

The youngest of us have become mentors for the rest, by the rest I mean everyone over 25. They showed us how to change the font size and color, add filters and create Snapchat stories. By the end of the day, we were almost professionals, and some now always use it.

Snapchat Day destroyed some of my prejudices against the platform. It was usually described as a network for sending provocative photos, and its users seemed irresponsible and naive because they believed that they would not be recorded or caught. In reality, most of what appears on Snapchat is regular content (i.e. food photos, stupid selfies) that won't get on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Compared to a social network, where by default content is available to everyone forever, Snapchat is much more responsible.

I know people who have become professional video storytellers at Snapchat Stories, they allow users to post a set of photos or videos to any friends for a period of 24 hours. I won’t be surprised if any future filmmaker admits that everything began in childhood with Snapchat Stories, just as filmmakers now start with consumer camcorders.

If you see that you and your team misunderstand some new social network or new technology, do not read about its work - just immerse yourself in it with your head.

A media company that has not yet mastered Twitter should spend Twitter day: you can chat through answers (if the information is not private) and DM - for private data.

The American company, aimed at the markets of Japan and Indonesia, can spend the day Line (this messenger is incredibly popular in these countries).

A company that wants to make its own application on the Apple Watch can set itself the task to go through the day when everyone communicates only through the Apple Watch and the corresponding applications on the iPhone.

The best way to learn technology is to use it. You will be surprised at how much you can understand in a day.

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