How to increase site conversion without a shamanic tambourine and magic wand

    Entrepreneurs who have at their disposal the means of online sales (from single-page to large online stores) daily rack their brains on how to turn website visitors into real buyers, or, in the language of Internet marketing, how to increase the conversion rate. And here everything goes from testing headlines to playing with the color of buttons in the basket, and sometimes it takes too much time to find out what exactly leads to an increase in the number of customers. But, over time, a solution is found for each problem, services have appeared that offer a guaranteed increase in the percentage of conversions due to widgets and for a very modest fee. Giant statistics are collected for these conversion growth tools, and when choosing, you do not need to do exhausting testing, you already know that they will bring you income. Compare the two services,


    Decide on the meaning of the concept of "conversion". Conversion is the fulfillment by a visitor of your site of a targeted action, in other words, conversion is when a potential client who visits your site does what you need. Conversion rate - this is how many customers out of a hundred who came in met your expectations.

    Obviously, the more conversions, the better, the question is, in another way, how to achieve this growth. It is clear that no one has canceled the a / b testing method, but I would like to grow real potential customers from potential customers faster and guaranteed. And then there’s a lot to be desired, and if the shamanic tambourine helped, then I think we would have repeatedly watched the owners of sites performing dances around the performance indicators of their site. Fortunately, Internet technologies are developing at a cosmic speed, and the “trial and error method” is being replaced by clear analytically verified strategies. And instead of looking for conspiracies and prayers for sales, it’s wise to use the experience of those who have already come up with real and effective methods of increasing the number of conversions.

    More than once and in more than one article, it was written about the benefits of various widgets (a widget is a small independent software module that works in some environment (e.g. a website, browser, mobile phone) and usually performs one specific function; a web widget - This is a piece of code that can be embedded by the user in any HTML page and used without significant modification.As a rule, when creating web widgets, DHTML, JavaScript and Adobe Flash technologies are used to increase conversions. There are interactive widgets that respond to user behavior, there are static ones. Widgets can be classified indefinitely, and in this variety, the site owner is again at a dead end: “Which one to choose? Use all at once? Will it not be worse? ”

    And this problem, found its solution - there are services that not only offer a catalog of widgets, their installation and maintenance, but also explain why they are, what changes due to them, and in what percentage. It goes without saying that demand creates supply, and now on the Russian market there are not only one, but several services offering conversion growth options due to various kinds of widgets. And entrepreneurs, another difficulty in choosing a service. By analyzing competitors with a completely different approach to getting conversions through widgets, we’ll try to figure this out.


    Recall that there are a great many services offering widgets. And the choice of these services is due to a different approach to obtaining conversion through widgets. This is a mastodon in the widget market, purposefully developing its unique widget for an aggressive sales model, and having achieved excellent results in this matter. is a young dynamically developing service, striving with its widgets to solve all the problems of the client, to extract any opportunity to receive conversion. A superficial study of the comparative table may seem that is an ideal option. And cheap, and widgets from 5 and more, it would seem, why understand further, here it is our ideal option. But, let's try to dig deeper, it's not for nothing that has been on the market for so many years, and is constantly gaining more and more popularity. and Target Audience

    A closer look shows that this product works with a lot of data, tracks behavioral sequences, based on intelligent analysis, helps to capture those customers who are ready for conversion, but still have some doubts. This is a definite plus of this widget; it facilitates your work with analytics and allows you to approach each client individually. Those who are ready to buy will not be distracted by this widget, those who accidentally visit the site will not be worried, those who are ready to buy, but doubt, will be given an additional chance to make a purchase.
    In addition to the pop-up window, with a proposal to leave the phone, it works in conjunction with it, an icon, a call, incredibly annoying customers, not only is it located in the most uncomfortable place, it’s also so aggressive that it seems like they don’t want to help solve your problem, but they want to "get in" what you don’t need at all. Due to such an aggressive sales policy, it is necessary to carefully fine-tune this widget. Carefully approach the analysis of pages on which to place this widget.

    Who needs it:if you have a large Internet resource or online store, then this is what you need. While your analysts are drowning in the ocean of data, this service will help you not to lose potential customers. But! It should be remembered that this widget should be placed after a thorough analysis of customer behavior on the site, and exactly where the maximum number of customers is lost (whether it is an order form page, a basket, a page with search results on a site, pages with goods which are not available etc.). Here again, you should not refuse to test, perhaps somewhere the ill-fated button will scare away customers, increasing the percentage of failures, and perhaps in case of difficulties, on the contrary it will be perceived as caring for the client.

    Should I refuse: if you sell any of your product through the capture pages (single-page), then the behavioral factors that can be tracked and notice a minimum, such a widget, akin to a tank in the city, movement is possible, but expensive and pointless. Since multistage behavioral sequences of actions on one-page pages are not possible in principle, this widget will be too aggressive, so you should abandon it in favor of less aggressive, but no less effective widgets. On the other hand, if you need the maximum number of sales, the traffic flow to the site is high enough, then you can not be afraid of the percentage of failures due to the annoying call button.
    The service requires as fine-tuning as possible: if you sell real estate, cars, travel packages, in general, everything that usually requires multi-stage conversions (this is when a client visits your site more than once or twice before making a purchase), select this widget , will oblige you to monitor the behavior of the client each time you visit the site and configure the widget so that it appears exactly at that visit in which ordering a call is advisable. Otherwise, you either push the client away, or the service will not notice the client at all. Plus, the annoying call button with repeated access to the site will not only annoy, but cause aggression and push away from the purchase. In other words, perhaps you should abandon this widget, in favor of less aggressive ones that do not force, but gently push the client to buy. and the target audience

    This service is young and contains in its arsenal a fairly large list of widgets executed in the original design, which allow not only to keep departing customers, but also provide interaction with social services. networks, gathering subscribers, watching videos, holding promotions, etc. Flexible widget customization, one of the significant advantages of the service: you can customize widgets depending on the time of day, days of the week and customer behavior.
    Based on the comparative characteristics of prices, the above conclusions, this service is ideal, register, buy, install - and here it is, an endless avalanche of customers. I would like to believe in it, but let's turn on the logic. If in the first option there is no choice, the only option, the question is only in the choice of tariff, then here, in the vast space of options, the question arises which set is right for you. Of course, the developers of this service are working to maximally inform customers about the possible increase in conversions, when using one or another widget, consultations are conducted, real statistics are collected. There are widgets that are guaranteed to bring you customers, and there are those that will have to be tested anyway. This is the minus of this service - there is little information. Of course, widgets are matched with the condition

    Who needs it: if you have a one-page site, or a site with a very simple structure, you should use this service. Since these widgets, at no additional cost to the programmer, will help you significantly increase sales. Therefore, for a small business with a limited budget and number of employees, this is the most effective option.

    Who should think:Entrepreneurs promoting expensive goods and services, those that require multi-stage conversions. The fact that it’s worth using widgets is undeniable, the question is accurate testing. The introduction of widgets for this type of service is not a one day process. Therefore, this issue should be approached with particular care, consult with developers, ensure continuous monitoring of the site, and analysis obtained by monitoring data. The undoubted advantage of this service, and the kaleidoscope of widgets, is that they are less aggressive, and, therefore, the probability of frightening the client through pressure on him by widgets is quite low. But the probability that the client will keep in his social. networks liked the offer and will return to the site again, great.
    Is it worth it to refuse ?: if you are the owner of a large online store, and every day your analysts work with a huge amount of data, then the first service is ideal for you, as it will make life easier for your employees. But, most likely, for soft and not intrusive pressure on the client, you will need other widget options. Therefore, the second service is also useful to you.

    Comparison of services in terms of ease of use.

    • Easy to configure: The difficulty in setting up lies in finding behavioral sequences, after which the call order window should be displayed, of course, you can rebuild the widget according to the time spent on the site, but will it be as effective as we would like ?! An undoubted advantage is that in any case, a manager will be attached to you, which will help to cope with the program code and widget settings. In any case, you yourself will cope with the setup, or the setup manager will set up the widget for you, once a quality-tuned one he will bring you new customers and along with them revenue growth. is an absolutely user-friendly interface. To cope with it is not difficult, and this is an obvious, fat plus for small businesses. In addition to the fact that the widgets of this service are easy to configure, the service itself has left a lot of tips from marketers, both for choosing and setting widgets, and if you still have difficulties, you can always use the help of experts online. We add that there are a lot of widgets in the second service, the complicated setup of each of them would lead to the loss of a lot of time. Therefore, for a business with multi-stage conversions, sites, with a large number of tests and experiments, the second service is the most profitable, as it saves time and money, and also, due to its flexibility, allows you to test the effect of various widgets on the conversion of the site. that there are a lot of widgets in the second service, the complicated setup of each of them would lead to the loss of a lot of time. Therefore, for a business with multi-stage conversions, sites, with a large number of tests and experiments, the second service is the most profitable, as it saves time and money, and also, due to its flexibility, allows you to test the effect of various widgets on the conversion of the site. that there are a lot of widgets in the second service, the complicated setup of each of them would lead to the loss of a lot of time. Therefore, for a business with multi-stage conversions, sites, with a large number of tests and experiments, the second service is the most profitable, as it saves time and money, and also, due to its flexibility, allows you to test the effect of various widgets on the conversion of the site.
    • Setup Instructions: has the most detailed step-by-step instructions and a configuration manager assigned to the client, that is, regardless of the level of competence in working with sites, the widget will be configured as it should. - in this service, the manual is less detailed, although it is equipped with pictures with step-by-step setup, you can justify this by the low level of complexity and obviousness of the settings, but still, I would like more details.
    • Operation: when charging for, it is difficult to understand how they calculate the payment, either by the number of conversions, or by the time of the call, how they monitor it, how they stop it. At this price level, this is not good, because, nevertheless, I would like to understand on the shore for what such amounts are specifically paid. - pleases with transparency of payment: paid, use, everything is simple and transparent, it inspires confidence. Plus, the price for using the service is an order of magnitude lower than that of
    • Complex of services: along with the sale of your own widget, a service for communication with a client, if your sales department is provided with a service for communication (calling and calling back when ordering a call) with a client, then you especially do not need this function, but refuse it is impossible. - you yourself choose everything that you need. Nobody will add additional services that you can’t refuse to the general account.

    In conclusion, I would like to note, no matter what service you choose, in any case it will bring you profit and customers. And maybe you should not dwell on one service, but use them in tandem. Using to interact with social. networks, holding promotions, leaving reviews, etc., and for ordering calls and customer feedback.

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