The number of advertisers on YouTube increased by 40% over the year

    The leadership of the YouTube video service reported an increase in the number of advertisers on the service in 2014 by 40%. In addition, large companies (100 lucky companies of the rating of the consulting firm Interbrand) working with YouTube increased their own advertising costs by 60% at once, Vedomosti writes . Unfortunately, the video service does not disclose the detailed financial results of its work. Analysts believe that the company is quite active with advertising aimed at users of the age group from 18 to 34 years.

    Not so long ago, Google spoke about the contribution of YouTube to the overall financial performance of the company in relatively detail. So, it was said that YouTube shows a significant increase in revenue, which for Google is the most important trend of the quarter. According to the head of Google’s advertising solutions department Tara Walpert Levy, everyone was waiting for YouTube’s results until “a sudden boom began in one year.”

    Now many brands are partnering with content providers on YouTube, and celebrities (including popular service users) are actively advertising partners' products and services. As a result, the number of views of video clips, where there is a mention of the top 100 brands, increased by 55% over the year, reaching 40 billion per month.

    Now, according to the corporation, YouTube is increasing the duration of viewing materials, an increase of 60%. As for the users of mobile devices, the average time for viewing the service materials exceeded 40 minutes.

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