Is there life on Mars and startups among housewives

Is a startup a smart and advanced business? Or play democracy?

So, the problem: a
43-year-old housewife with two small children and a minimum of knowledge in modern technologies suddenly dreamed about the high. So much so that for three days he has been surfing the Internet. It creaks with brains and more voluminous parts of the body, trying to figure out where to start.

The idea is brilliant as always. Competitors at the start of the journey. There is catastrophically no money.
Actually, in the course of paroxysmal attempts to find a source of income (since all the old ones have dried up, and the children need to eat), an insight came. In the train, on the way to the cottage.

By education - an accountant. According to her experience, she is an economist-analyst with career growth and deafening downshifting 10 years ago. In technology - an absolute zero. With a great desire, she is able to compose intelligible tech. task or bungle the site on some common cms. He is not friends with social networks, but since 2012 he is registered in VK and FB, he is familiar with SMM cuisine. He uses the phone only for its intended purpose, does not imagine what the mobile Internet and mobile applications are.

Pondered startup - the essence of the service associated with the formation and regular replenishment of the database from different sources for each client; data processing based on constant algorithms and expert evaluations; generating reports for each client; the formation of a calendar plan and an invariant list of actions for each client; sporadic support feedback.

So what should she (the housewife) do next?
1. Describe the idea and find a buyer.
2. Gather a team for a startup and find an investor.
3. Find a temporary source of income and independently develop an idea before the testing stage of the front-end prototype.
4. Wake up and go to cook soup.

I bow to the third option. And what do you think?
I ask you to throw tomatoes in at least three sentences, otherwise it is not interesting.

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