Kokoc Group has compiled a map of angels

    The BeAngel social mobile application, which helps people in distress, presented the Kokoc Mobile mobile development department (Kokoc Group) on Google Play yesterday. IOS users saw it a little earlier.

    Anyone who has installed the application can get acquainted with BeAngel functionality. It provides an opportunity to share the trouble or to help the victim.

    Applications for assistance are recorded in the SOS section. The user can share his misfortune, talk about the problem of a relative, friend or stranger. Information about the victim, the nature of the problem and the place where the disaster occurred, are indicated in the application field. And to confirm the reality of the described situation, it is enough to attach photos or videos. After moderation, the request will be visible to all users of the application.

    Currently relevant applications are presented in the "Need Help" section. They are grouped by region and divided into four categories: "Medical Assistance", "Clothing", "Food", "Other Assistance". The location of a person in trouble is automatically determined and shown by a symbol on the map. So the application for help can be selected and placed on a territorial basis. It is necessary to confirm the fact of assistance on the request page by posting photos or videos.

    “We tried to make the application as simple and straightforward as possible in order to remove all the barriers between a person who needs help and those who want to help him,” said Grigory Kharchenko, head of the mobile development department at Kokoc Mobile (Kokoc Group).

    - If the application is liked by users, then over time it can affect their worldview and make helping people in distress a lifestyle. And then, without waiting for the help of the state, we will be able to save many victims, ”said Aleksey Smirnov, the ideological inspirer of BeAngel.

    The BeAngel application is free for downloads and works on iOS and Android platforms, created in native languages, in the future the functionality will be expanded.

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