Stories with Languages ​​(Issue 1)

    Working on the project and delving into the study of problems, we are faced with many nuances. To better understand the situation, we decided to ask famous people about it.

    Our startup is an international platform for language professionals and their clients. We have launched a PR project, which we called “Stories with Languages”. This is a series of interviews with famous people, revealing several topics. It is precisely in these interviews that we ask about the problems that our project is called to solve.

    We, of course, introduce, talk about the person who answers our questions about his work and career. But, also, we ask you to reveal topics regarding the knowledge of additional languages, where and how they studied (or did not study), about life situations / curiosities and working moments related to this, how knowledge (ignorance) of a language helps (would help) in a career etc., we ask for an opinion about freelance activities, about possible experiences and impressions.

    All this helps us to understand the situation from different angles, and leads to additional vision. And according to the interview recorded from Skype, we are preparing interesting material and presenting it as an article in our blog on the project website. In addition, our parent company has three more of its online media resources, which also publish the article of the PR project. And the additional seeding in our accounts in the social. networks, together with all resources, allows you to reach an audience of about 150 thousand people per month.

    The first to tell her story was the performer of Stereolizza- Katya Shalaeva. She was born in Russia, but she grew up, graduated from the Institute of International Relations and began her career in Ukraine. For almost 7 years, she and her team have been living in Los Angeles, USA. So Katya has extensive experience in using foreign languages, since she not only practiced after high school, she constantly uses them in communication, but also writes her songs in English.

    Next time we will chat with performer Zhanna from Barcelona, ​​Spain. And we can tell you not only its story, but also give an analysis and tell about what they give to our linguistic project “Stories with Languages”.

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